Woman on the run after stealing a baby in Dedza

Police in Dedza district are looking for a woman who has stolen a day old baby girl from a 17 year old mother by tricking her she runs an orphanage in Blantyre.

Confirming the development was the district’s police publicist Sub Inspector Edward Kabango who said the incident happened on Wednesday, April 5 at Dauya village in the district.

Kabango said the thief went to Dauya village on Sunday April 3 and introduced herself to village headman Kwamwachale as owner of a certain orphanage in Blantyre.

She further said she had information of a 17 year old girl (name withheld) who was pregnant but lacked financial support.

She then volunteered to take her to Blantyre to take good care of her and the baby and without any consultation; the chief with the girl’s mother accepted the offer.

Sub Inspector Kabango said the two slept at the Boma but the following day labour pains started and the thief acted as guardian until a baby girl was delivered and they were discharged on 5 April.

The thief later on this day took the new mother in her car and cheated that they were going to police to make a formal report that she has taken the two.

On their way, the thief pretended to have forgotten something and dropped the mother of the child near a police junction and told her to live the baby in the vehicle.

The new mother waited for hours for the thief but to no avail and she later returned home and reported the matter to her mother who with relatives reported the case to Dedza police.