Expert wants party membership cards back

Though party membership cards bring back memories of brutal treatment for people who lived during the one party era, a political scientist has called on parties to introduce party cards to get records of their members.

A local analyst, Ernest Thindwa, is of the view that membership cards will let political parties easily identify their members in Malawi.

Thindwa added that the cards are also to help in curbing political blame game over violence in the country.

Politicians asked to implement party members registration.

“What could have been done is to have members registered from each region, and paying for membership, those that have not paid they cannot claim membership,” said Thindwa.

Concurring with Thindwa, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) authorities disclosed fresh challenges due to absence of the membership cards.

Among the challenges include blame game over violence by political parties in the country where parties strive to maintain clean record.

MCP and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) were recently embroiled in a verbal war following a press briefing some youths in MCP colours organised to blame the president for the party Lazarus Chakwera of poor leadership.

The opposition MCP faulted DPP for dirty politics arguing the youths were from DPP and they were hired to assassinate the character of Chakwera.

However, DPP denied the allegations saying the youths told the nation to be from MCP camp.

The ruling DPP has since disclosed to be having a database of members that will be updated towards the elections in 2019.



  1. identity ndi membership card saziyana cani.basi nosenu u cannot think??????? dziko iliso. nde zizathandiza cani? panopa tikukhala 20 milion dzana paja tinali 8 million, nde pano mukugulitsa dziko ku ma nygelia, zimbabwe, a cina murekezi so u want to start lying to us (ciumnya) galu wacbecabe whore etc. misonkho yathu sikukukwananibe. I mean what good will they do.

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