No maize for sale – Admarc

Maize flour

The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has refuted reports that it has plans to sell maize to neighbouring countries.

Recent reports in the local media claimed that Admarc is in the process of selling maize to Kenya and Tanzania.

The media outlets claimed that Admarc wanted to sell the staple grains to recover some of the money it borrowed in order to buy maize at the height of the hunger crisis last year.

No maize for sale, Admarc says.

While confirming being approached by neighbouring countries, Admarc board chairperson James Masumbu said Malawi will not sell maize soon.

“They have approached us, due to their situation just in case we had, but we don’t know if we are to have a surplus we are waiting for experts on the matter,” said Masumbu.

Admarc currently has 100,000 metric tonnes of maize in stock and this year Malawi is expected to have harvest a lot more.

Last year, Admarc was at the centre of a scandal in which some of its bosses were accused of conspiring to steal taxpayers’ money by buying maize from Zambia using a middleman.

Meawnhile, Admarc has suspended CEO Foster Mulumbe.

He had initially, denied any wrongdoing in the purchase of maize from Zambia, claiming that Malawi bought the maize from the Zambian government something which was contrary to statements by the Zambian government that the maize was bought from vendors.