MCP members want a convention, unhappy with Chakwera


Women belonging to opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have reiterated calls for the party to organise a convention arguing that the current leadership of Lazarus Chakwera is unbearable.

Speaking to members of the press in Lilongwe on Monday, the women demanded that MCP must have a convention to usher in new leadership that can bring back the glory it had in the past.

Blantyre Women League Treasure Chrissy Misomali said Chakwera should resign if he fails to meet the demands of women.

Lazarus Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera under pressure in MCP.

“We want this message to reach our party President, he found us in the party why is it that he is firing us, that’s not possible he is just new in the party he must leave,” said Misomali.

MCP officials are yet to comment on the calls by the women league.

Earlier MCP district leaders also took Chakwera to task arguing he was not “democratic” as he fails to uphold the party’s constitution.

The calls for convention later made a way to court for legal decision. The court however ruled that the party must not have a convention soon.



  1. They are just wasting their precious time they could have used to do something important for their lives and families. Women with no direction at all. They are all blind.

  2. I Dr. Chakwera is giving dpp gurus sleepless nights. That’s why they (dpp) will always use every trick to woe people to demonize Dr. Chakwera. Kaya zanu izo ife ndi Dr. Chakwera 2019 boma. Wina adzalira.

  3. Azimayi nthawi zonse amakhala osokoneza, mukadya banzi ku DPP basi mukuyamba kunyoza Chakwera, zitsiru nonse amene mukuti Chakwera achoke. Kuonjezera apo sindinuso azimayi okongola, nkhwangwa zokhazokha basi. Muchoke ndinu azimayinu mukuchitisa manyazi chipani cha MCP. Tikufuna azimayi okongola mu chipani komanso okongola khalidwe. Osati oipa nkhope ngati inu mwanva.

  4. This is a fruitless battle DPP will fight, It is meaningless to say Chakwera is new in the party, he found them. Being a long serving member of any party does not mean you can be a leader, no!! not at all. Why did these long serving members fail to win in the previous convention? Where were they? how sure are you that this time you’ll win during the convention.

  5. Zutumidwa izi moti mukuganiza kuti anthu 25 angachotse Dr Chakwera? Or convention atakapangira ku Thyolo mmudzi mwa apresident Chakwera sangachoke 97% ilipambuyo pake. Komanso aDpp musakhale busy kubweretsa chisokonezo kumalawi kuno mwapha Udf lero mukufuna MCP aziyambana ndikudziwa ine komwe zonsezi zikuchokera

    • My beloved mighty party, DPP, I think you are wasting more of your time and resources with this Chakwera guy. Let’s be focused for the 2019 elections. Put your strategies right.