Govt pussyfooting around prosecuting albino attackers

Peter Mutharika

The Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has expressed concern over authorities’ failure to end attacks against them after government told the association that it does not have money to complete court cases against suspects of albino attacks.

This has been brought forward by the association’s president Overtone Kondowe during an interview with Malawi24.

According to Kondowe, government told the association that it is failing to source K14 million to complete the prosecution of people suspected to have carried out attacks against people with albinism in 2016.

Albinos Malawi“There are currently 20 cases in court falling to be completed because government said it has no money to use during the court process,” he said.

The APAM chair then accused government of focusing only on certain victims, such as flood victims, while ignoring attacks on people with albinism.

Kondowe also said government’s actions on challenges that people with albinism are facing in the country have not been impressive.

He noted that up to now people with albinism in the country are living in fear due to lack of security.

“The police have also failed to fulfil their duty towards eradicating attacks on people living with the albinism,” he said.