Manganya’s defense of APM faulted

Michael Usi

A political scientist in Malawi has supported procedures that are put in place for impeaching presidents arguing that they are part of democracy.

Usi backed APM in his talk.

This follows a public lecture that renowned comedian Michael Usi popularly called ‘Manganya’ organised where he advised the opposition and other citizens to stop calling for impeachment of President Peter Mutharika arguing that the current president should be allowed to finish his term peacefully.

However the political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche has disclosed that presidents must be responsible on matters affecting Malawi.

“Impeachment procedures are needed in a democracy like Malawi. It is one of the best ways to keep leaders answerable. People are therefore at liberty to use them whenever necessary,” said Mkhutche.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: There are procedures to such issues.

He however commended Usi for providing political guidance through the lecture arguing that he showed patriotism for the country.

“Michael Usi was exercising his democratic freedom of expression. We need to learn from him and participate in our nation’s deliberations as well. Malawi needs us,” he added.

Through his lecture that was aired on local media, Manganya advised the opposition to take part in solving problems rocking the country to prove that they are a “government in waiting”.

He further faulted regionalism in Malawi, arguing that the country has a stagnant economy due to regionalism that has killed unity towards development among citizens.