American high school to help Malawi students

Moorestown High School

Moorestown High School will help a local secondary education institution with financial resources having established a partnership.

Malawi’s Mercy High school which was established in 2010 will fall beneficiary to the aid. It will be allocated proceeds from a talent show slated for 26th March at its partner high school in the US.

This is one of the ways of helping the local high school achieve its goal of transforming lives through education. The financial help will come in different phases.

Moorestown High School
To fundraise for a school in Malawi.

Founder of Mercy High School Peter Gamula will be at Moorestown from 16th March to 4th April, where he will receive a donation from the school at the board of education’s meeting on 21st March, at William Allen Middle School.

Malawi24 has learned that the money was raised during the homecoming spirit week events. The student body decided to allocate more resources to Mercy High School since the Malawian school lack resources.

As such the donation will be used to provide a year’s worth of internet service, a flat screen monitor, a wireless router, and a webcam.

The facilities will help students from the two high schools easily connect via Skype, and share cultures so as to understand and life beyond borders.

The forthcoming talent show will see Moorestown students raise money through tickets and concession sales.