APM elevates Ngolongoliwa, Kawinga to paramount chiefs

Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa

President Peter Mutharika has elevated Senior Chiefs Ngolongoliwa of Thyolo and Kawinga of Machinga to Paramount Chiefs.

Minister of Local Development and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa has confirmed the elevation of Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa of the Lhomwe tribe to Paramount Chief effective March 9 this year.

Mutharika has also elevated Senior Chief Kawinga of Yao tribe as Paramount Chief of Yao people.

According to Nankhumwa, the elevation of the two traditional leaders to Paramount Chiefs means that all Lhomwe and Yao people have mega leaders.

Other paramount chiefs in Malawi include    Inkosi Ya Makosi M’mbelwa and Paramount Chief Lundu of Chewa.



  1. Yes, because we have always relied on hearsay and unfortunately we don’t verify the hearsay with factual information. The Mutharikas unfortunately after researching found out that Nkhumba is not a Lomwe as many chiefs in the Lomwe Belt are, actually most of them are either Mang’anja or Yao. So the only Lomwe chief is Ngolingoliwa hence the paramouncy over the Lomwes. Kkkkkkkk.

    Lets agree that our history from Post Independence history writers is distorted and has been aimed at consolidating the Chewa hegemony and building the ‘Ngoni cult’ at the expense of other tribal groups. Nyanjas were made to believe that they were Chewas, Tumbukas were made to group with Ngonis to suffocate the political powerful Tongas and Nkhondes while it is clear in pre independence history that most ngonis in Mzimba are the product of Ngoni men and tonga women.

    There are many prominent Yao chiefs; Makanjira, Mponda, Makata, Kawinga etc. Now the question would be who made the choice of Kawinga and what does history say about the relationships? Are the aManchinga and Yaos the same? These are the issues that need to be sorted out.

    Unless we start unbundling our history we are prone to historical misrepresentations by whoever would like to manipulate us. Why only Ngoni chiefs are on the face of our currency? While Gomani died while opposing the colonialists, what did Mbelwa do? After all the ngonis in Mzimba claim that they were not colonized, so what role did Mbelwa play in emancipating Malawi? Manipulation…. Machinations…….


  2. What happens to Paramount Chief Nkhumba? Penapake andalewa akumatisokoneza. So the Lhomwe have two paramount chiefs. This Ngolongoliwa guy penapake akutidabwitsa coz not long time ago he was a sub traditional authority and after some few days akuti basi full traditional authority and now we are being told that the guy has been elevated to paramount chief. Zikukhala bwanji makamaka?

  3. Late president bingu wamutharika elevated chikowi as paramount chief of all yaos.has he been demoted now by the brother?

  4. Facts for correction
    The paramount chief of the Chewa is Gawa Undi who is based in Zamabia and not Lundu. Lundu is a Mang’anja and not a Chewa. The two tribes came from DRC but are not related. The Chewas picked the Mang’anjas on their way from DRC. We should repeat they are not related. Correct your history facts. You make the Chewa angry when you align them to Lundu. This is not politics. It is history. Anthuwa anapezana pa stage yobwera kuno
    Another correction is on the chipeta. This means short grass of savanna type. The Chewas who settled in areas where there is short grass were wrongly called Chipeta. There is therefore no tribe or clan called chipeta that is related to the Chewas.

    1. Ya, that’s good. Lets correct our history with facts becoz till after 1994, I did not know anything about Gawa Undi connection to Malawi Chewas. Koma ndi izitu. Politicians and their historians. KKKKKK. The other fact I want to raise is that in Malawi we think only Chewas passed through/came from Zaire Congo, which is wrong. History is of the fact that actually all the Banthu people in subsahara migrated from the north and passed through Zaire southwards, westwards or eastwards. Bembas, Ngonis, Chewas, Tumbukas, Sengas, Tongas, Shonas mention them.

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