Public toilets in Lilongwe overwhelmed – Lilongwe council


The Lilongwe City Council has admitted that public toilets in the city have been overwhelmed because of population growth.

The council built a number of public toilets within the city and with the city’s population growing, there is a need to build more toilets to meet the current population.

Lilongwe City Council public relations officer Tamara Chafunya noted that the few public toilets in the city have been overwhelmed.

But she said the council is in the process of privatising the toilets.

Public toilets have overwhelmed. (Image credit- Abel Ikiloni, Mana)

She said previously the public toilets were being managed by the council and due to financial problems the council was facing in terms of maintenance and rehabilitation of the toilets, it resolved to privatise them.

“Currently some have been identified and offer letters are being distributed to successful companies,” she explained.

On ending the habit of some residents who urinates or relieve themselves everywhere, Chafunya said the council has reviewed some of its bylaws which dates back to 2002.

“The current bylaws are outdated and lack tangible provisions of stiffer penalties,” she explained.

Chafunya added that the issue is very important in order to end the malpractice which is a health hazard and pollutes the surrounding.

She finally uttered that with the new bylaws there shall be cleanness and sanity in the city.mart