Mrabolova video in sight


The much anticipated video for Mrabolova by Proud is only five days old but the hype in its company keeps intensifying.

The visuals dropped on 22nd February after UMP Award nominee for best video director, Ben Bei, completed his task of perfecting it. Shot in high definition.

The video meets the quality which the eye demands in this era.

Mrabolova video going greater heights.

The Tittle for the song may sound strange but once you find out, a strong bond between you and the visuals will be established.

Spyral of the Proud clique shared the secret behind the concept with this publication on Friday.

“Mrabolova is a made up from the phrase, rub all over. The song talks about rubbing the dirt people throw at you on your cloths, which is a gesture showing that no matter how they try to bring you down, you will remain happy and well,” said Spyral

The group has hinted on dropping more blockbusters both in audio and visuals this year. According to Proud Mrabolova is only the genesis of great works on the cards.

Proud is a two man group comprising of rapper Spyral and singer Solo Maze. Its journey started in 2015 with a single itled Thyola. Last year Proud released a video for Benzo which was also of great quality.

Malawi24 had a taste of Mrabolova video and now it’s your time. What are you waiting for, YouTube is within your fingertips, enjoy the video.





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