Malawians to protest demanding transparency, accountability from leaders

Malawi public protests

A group of concerned citizens has written the speaker of the national Assembly and the Malawi police service informing them of their planned demonstrations next month.

This is according to a joint press statement released today, signed by, Human rights activist Billy Mayaya, Director for Cedep, Gift Trapence and Macdonald Sembereka.

The statement states that the demonstrations will be held only in the capital city of Lilongwe on March 2nd 2017.

Gift Trapence
Gift Trapence: One of the activists spearheading the demos.

According to the three human rights activists who pressed their signatures on the statement, the aim of the demonstration is to end impunity and also to demand transparency and accountability in the country.

On this day, demonstrators will congregate at the area 18 roundabout and they will march towards city center roundabout.

The statement further said afterwards, demonstrators will march towards the parliament building where their petition will be read loud and delivered to the speaker of the parliament.

“This letter is to notify you of our intention to hold peaceful demonstrations on the 2nd March to demand transparency and accountability and an immediate end to impunity. Through this communication we are requesting the presence of the police to provide support in accordance with the law.”It reads in part.

According to the concerned citizens, the country needs transparency and accountability in all what it will be doing.

This follows the recent maize gate scandal and the revelations that millions of cash were been found in his residence during a raid conducted by the Anti-Corruption Bureau last week.



  1. You have a wife and 3 girlfriends of whom your wife doesn’t know about and you expect the government to be transparent,think again.stop demanding things you can’t do personally.

  2. Indeed its necessary coz some government officials they worked with atsamunda ,Kamuzu Banda, bakili muluzi ,bingu mtalika ,Joyce banda and now still with peter now where these young generation will work thus they run to other countries instead of getting green pasture they meet xenophobia esh!

  3. it will never be ok till tax payers are given a total access to know the way how government spends there money. too much sicreat promotes thefty in our country

  4. Zopanda Yankho Zimenezo Asogoleri ali muno samayimva kuwakakamiza maganizo anu mukangopwetekesako anthu kumeneko zinali kumzuzu ndimaona live aaah ine sindibwela pepani.

  5. Only for Thugs & those with nothing to do. Please, don’t loot Shops as a fundraising for CSOs cos Donald Trump wants to keep all his money for his People & his Country’s further Devehement.

  6. Osamangoenda muziphwanyaso ma shop a mwenyewo katunduyo mkumagawana ndiwanu emwe ameneyo alipira atsogoreriwo kkkkkk koma musawapange Xenophobia

  7. Malawi Sazatheka Guys.Kuberana Ndkunamizana Ndkomwe Kwachuluka Thea4 Promoting Poverty Thea By Poor Wl Remain Poorer And Rich Richer.My Country Malawi Lankaka Ndiuch Lija Nw Its A Prison 4 Its Citizenz.God Bless Malawi!

    1. eeee ma civilianz ndiamene tmakacoxedwako kholingo kumeneko,awo amimba zawo ali mmagalimoto,my memory iz stil fresh man 4 wat happened during bingu’s reign,we lost our bloved ones wth no change.

  8. Kkkkkkk ndamva kt kuli chimanga chambili chaka chino kumalawiko ndiye mwati mupange demonstration oky can u do bt don’t 4 got resuit of demonstration so u must be carefuly to do

  9. Yaa but before that we may ask our God to comfort us! Osagwilisa ntchito chuma ndi katundu amene muli naye kukopa achinyamata kuti aphedwe tsikuli! 20 July tinaluza zambiri! Peaceful conflict resolution and contact and dialogue that’s best solutions on matters

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