Mutharika cowered to public pressure – analyst

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika

A political scientist has said that public pressure has made President Peter Mutharika to fire George Chaponda as minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development.

Mutharika sacked Chaponda on Wednesday after huge sums of money was found at the former minister’s house. Previously, civil society organisations, the media, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters and other stakeholders were pressurising Mutharika to fire Chaponda.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country, Wonderful Mkhutche from Chancellor College, said the firing of Chaponda has been influenced by a lot of things.

“The role of the letter from supporters, the money and the media cannot be overemphasized, they have definitely piled up the pressure on the president,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the firing of Chaponda is the right way to go and the evidence was just too much for the president to keep on protecting Chaponda.

He further said that the issue does not end at firing the minister but there is need to investigate Chaponda further as requested by the commission of inquiry.

According to Mkhutche, maizegate has revealed to Malawians that the president acts at a slow pace as he has been sleeping over the issue for a long time.

“The president has been in denial for too long if there is something ‘maizegate’ has revealed to us about President Mutharika, is that he acts at a snail’s pace,” he said.

The political scientist also said that the firing might help DPP to win back supporters.

He however noted that it will be a challenge for people to have confidence in the actions of the president if Malawians are to take maizegate issue as reference.




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  3. Chili Kwa nzako mawa chili Kwa iwe,,chaponda was on the forefront kuwayalusa amayi about cashgate today it’s him both maize and cash gate

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