MPs told to forget politics when discussing maizegate


A group of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) under the banner Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue has urged Members of Parliament (MPs) to put aside politics when discussing issues surrounding the maizegate scandal during the ongoing sitting of Parliament.

In a statement signed by Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue chairperson Olive Nakoma, the organisations have also asked the legislators not to propagate their personal agendas when debating the scandal.


MPs urged to put aside politics

“The ongoing investigation into the government’s maize procurement deal is increasingly being discussed with emotion and opportunism. We feel duty bound to make this statement to the Members of the National Assembly to be objective, as such a stance will better serve their core mandate,” reads part of the statement.

The statement proceeds that so far, discussions of the issue have been heavily politicised with lots of innuendos, conflicting reports and unfounded accusations.

“Our concern over the maize procurement saga is that we have noted that exploration of the maize issue has been heavily politicized with a greater emphasis on targeting certain individuals than getting at the truth.

“The Commission of Inquiry established by the president is an opportunity for all of us to get accurate answers on what really happened,” the CSOs said in the statement.

They also pointed out that any allegations over the maize issues should be supported by verifiable evidence.

The organisations then urged the lawmakers to prioritize discussions of critical issues which have a direct bearing on social welfare such as education, drug shortages in public hospitals, increased poverty levels, economic downturns, persistent water shortages and electricity blackouts.

On Malawi’s International Criminal Court (ICC) membership, the Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue stressed that Parliament must recommend that Malawi maintains membership to ICC and thereby commitment to the international justice system.

According to the statement, this would symbolizes Malawi’s commitment to standing with victims of human rights atrocities.



  1. Zitsiru zamabungwe izii stupt mwatikwana underplatform yachani stupt bg up Cedp, kapto mbunzi anadyexexo banzi!! Timoth m,tambo kaya alikt wangoti zii banzi anadya we want pipo lyk kamulepo,

  2. Coming in rather too late. Advise the MCP & PP not to take advantage of the masses’ ignorance to achieve their political wishes at the people’s expense.