Chaponda lashes out at Parliamentary committee


Malawi minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development emotionally brushed aside the credibility of Joint Parliamentary committee that is probing the Zambia-Malawi maize scandal saying the inquiry is a waste of time.

Appearing before the inquiry, George Chaponda lashed out at the committee arguing that it was formed against Parliamentary standing order 154.

“You want me to be honest? You want me to be honest? I feel that this has been a waste of time. The amount involved could have helped a common man out there, the committee is contrary to Section 154 of the Standing Orders. It lacks objectivity!” said Chaponda.

He added by faulting those implicating him in the maize scandal arguing that it is “unfair” that they are accusing him of pocketing money meant to help poor citizenry.

George Chaponda

Chaponda: Went angry.

He also suggested that the accusations were being made by Parliamentarians who comes from the Central and Northern Regions to discredit him because he hails from the Southern Region.

Responding to Chaponda’s outburst, chairperson of the joint committee of public accounts and on agriculture Joseph Chidanti Malunga said the remarks were “disappointing” arguing that the minister was not posed with “personal questions”.

He read to Chaponda the said Standing Order 154 which showed the joint committee was formed within the mandate of the mentioned standing order that states that a matter can be handled by two committees jointly to serve common interests.

Chidanti, who is a Parliamentarian from Nsanje, also told the minister that the joint committee comprised legislators from all regions of Malawi and from various parties including the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chaponda then apologized and retracted the remarks saying he was enjoying his democratic freedom of expression.

He also told the committee that he appreciates the work they are doing and its report on the scandal will have his full support.




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