CSOs demand immediate release of arrested Tanzania nationals

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Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Malawi and across borders have demanded the immediate release of eight Tanzanian nationals who were arrested on charges of criminal trespass.

In December last year, Malawi police officers arrested the eight Tanzanians after they were found at Kayerekeka uranium mine in Karonga district.

The eight, Briton Mgaya, Wakisa Mwatisunga, Madidi Nkota, Christandusi Ngowi, Ashura Kyula, Martin Ndunguru, Wilbert Mahundi and Rainery Komba, were charged with criminal trespass.

Kayerekela Mine
Kayerekela Mine: This is where the Tanzanians were reportedly spying Malawi.

Reacting to the arrests, a local CSO, Common for Eco Justice, has argued that the charge levelled against the eight citizens is ‘unfair’.

The organization disclosed that the eight Tanzanian nationals were arrested and charged with criminal trespass despite their visit being in books at the site.

Common for Eco Justice’s Bright Phiri added that the Malawi government has also been unfair to the eight as the police did not arrest five Malawians who were with the Tanzanians.

“We want to put it on record that not even criminal trespassing fits ‘the bill’ of their arrest. Now we know that the senior security guard for Kayelekera Uranium mine was actively involved in organizing logistics for their cross-learning and even pocketed MK20,000 that was paid to him in cash as allowance.

“The Malawi authorities have unfairly incarcerated the 8 Tanzanians only while the 5 Malawians including host local organization that played key roles in the tour and were part of the group are not being prosecuted,” explained Phiri in a statement made available to Malawi24.

He further faulted the media for bringing in allegations of ‘spying’ arguing that the media has given its ruling on the matter without evidence.

Concurring with Phiri, International CSOs, Menschenrechte and Front Line Defender have faulted the charge arguing that the group legally entered Malawi on 19 December as they were cleared by immigration officers at Songwe border.

Menschenrechte explained that the group is part of Tanzania Uranium Awareness Mission (TUAM) from Songea seeking first-hand information on uranium mining.

The CSO disclosed that the detainees were subjected to human rights violation as the case was delayed to be in court due to a challenge of communication breakdown between the state and the suspects.

The Front line Defender has since urged Malawi to immediately and unconditionally release the eight Tanzanians.




  1. Many CSOs are a cluster of thieves. They always defend nonsense for the sake of fame. All illegal immigrants should be arrested and deported forthwith.

  2. Where does this cos come from,just go to hell with ur report otherwise u will make matters worse,those pipo deserve that and dont ever push Malawi govt as if it’s ur bakkie

  3. Anyapaphi amenewa dey dont knw wat z right,i was in Tz last month jst caught me fo no reason demanding 30pin,kapena mwina mukufuna mukonze ubale,du u knw dat Makawians r being ill treated in dea country,CSO’s r full of educated salvages,mwaikidwa chibanzi mkamwa ndi minister anabwela uja eti,shatapu zanu mundilakwitsa

  4. They are spies for their govt…can’t you see the writing on the wall?foolish COS,,,,always ready to descredit your own govt….what have you done about our brothers and sisters arrested in Tanzania?kazidyani bwino ndlama za ma donors anuwo

  5. Malawi has no CSOs its abunch of fools who can be tossed like a 50 tambala coin. Zitsiru. Anthu ogunata ngati inu sindinawaone.. unfortunately these idiots have no regulations or terms of reference as to who should speak on behalf of malawi CSOs. Aliyanse akangokhuta kondoole basi angonenena zimene waganiza. U are discrediting ur own grouping u fools

  6. Its real beyond with what our CSOs r operating in malawi?? sorry its quite aconcern & hwever w r fed up with these rubishes/nosenses as this is security mater to the country

  7. Am starting to loose trust in these so called CSO are they trying to run the government from a back door or what, every time you are busy going against the government and it puzzles me do these guys have different views or the only views you have is to be against the government? We have original CSOs who perform for the betterment of the people and the government and not fortune seekers like the CSOs we have in our land. For gods sake who registers these guys?

  8. So somebody from Tanzania has given u. K1,000,000 and u want to give us headache? This simply show how empty your brains are. Our lake is gone, our relatives are languishing in Tanzanian prisons & u want trace passers to be released unconditionally? Big Idiots!!!!!!

  9. koma ma COSs eeeee ndalama zimenezo mpaka kugulitsa anthu awo…..koma ali mdziko mwathu momwemuno kapena amakhala kunja…..?

  10. Idiot COSs thinking as dogs Malawian are arrested in Tz prisons for illegal staying & entry why they don’t force Tz to release them?? U must consult pple whom representing b4 make u’r weak minded decisions

  11. So many Malawians are in jail up to date with hard labour due to illegal staying, why can’t they( Tz) have mercy upon these innocent hustlers? You so called CSOs think twice avoid making snap decisions

  12. Kunena zoona mabungwe aku malawi atsogoleri ake ndiopanda mzeru anthu owophya ngati amenewa inu mukuti amasule chifukwa chiyani inu sindikudziwa kuti kulowa mdziko la we no mwaukazitape ndi milandu mabungwe ngati mwadya ndalama kutanzaniyako musapusitse boma and that’s faken sheet

  13. Am not happy with these CSO groups. I don’t who they want to please. I think they should have a boundary. We know that when they make such noise they get funded. But it’s now too much. This issue is for our country’s security.

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