Man jailed six months for insulting woman


The Machinga magistrate court on Monday sentenced a 36 year-old man to six months in prison for hurling obscenities at a woman who had spurned his sexual advances.

The court also fined the man’s four friends for attempting to forcibly release him from police when he was arrested.

Sergeant Davie Katandika of Machinga police station identified the abuser as Lloyd Wazili.

According to Katandika, Wazili found a woman at Mangochi turn-off who was waiting for the Chairman of community policing in the area.

He approached her and asked for sex but the woman humbly asked him to leave the place.   Instead of leaving, Wazili started insulting her using obscene language but later the community policing members apprehended him.

“After receiving information that Wazili had been apprehended by the community policing members, police officers went to the scene to arrest him but were attacked by minibus touts at Mangochi turn off deport.  Later the officers managed to rescue themselves and the suspect,” Katandika explained

However, the touts followed the officers using a minibus registration number KK1937 and when they reached at the police station they started demanding the release of Wazili from the lawful custody.

The police officers managed to arrest four of the touts.

In court Wazili faced charges of insulting language while the touts answered charges of misconduct at a police station and they all pleaded guilty.

Magistrate Maxwell Boazi therefore sentenced Wazili to 6 months in prison while the four others were ordered to pay a fine of K20,000 kwacha.

Wazili hails from Mpinganjira village, Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.



  1. These learned judges find it easy to punish poor men, but fail to adminster justice to cashgaters. an insult = 6 months, 120 million kwacha = 24 months, but why?

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