Kelly Kay to release first album

Kelly Kay

Malawian RnB artist Kelly Kay has come clear to say he is set to release his first album which he failed to drop in September last year.

Speaking to Malawi24, the Lilongwe based artist said he has recorded half of the project.

The artist has also released a single off the project which is being played on many local radio stations and is doing well in most of the top music charts.

The 24 year-old artist who has never released an album in his music career added that he planned to release the album in September last year but failed due to some issues.

He however claimed that his fans should have high expectations.

Kelly Kay
Kelly Kay announced album projects.

“My fans and all Malawians should expect something new from me because I have worked in all corners and weakness in order to come up with project with my audience will enjoy,” he said.

Asked if he sees himself surviving in the clouded music industry, Kelly said he believes he has all it takes for an artist like him to survive in all situations and seasons in the music fraternity

Kelly became popular with his first single Ndilore Ndipite which he released in 2014 and gained more popularity when he was in Martse’s song Mwano which won song of the year in one of the biggest music festivals in the country, Urban Music Part (UMP) in 2015. In the same year he was signed by Climax Entertainment.

He is also known by some of his songs such as Wabwino, Milandu, Tiye Tikondane and Matama.

Meanwhile, Kelly has told Malawians to keep their ears to the ground in order to listen to more singles he will be dropping before the release of the album.



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