Gaveta: A medicinal juice in Malawi


Manufacturers of Gaveta – a medicinal juice that is helping many Malawians – say the drug is proving to be the best on the market with over 90% of users getting cured of their illnesses.

Gaveta, which is produced by a Malawian owned Goldland Farm in Lilongwe helps to cure many diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, asthma, fibroids, infertility, brings power to men high blood pressure, ulcers and heart complications.

It also heals wounds as well as kidney and liver failures. Chuma Matabwa, the company’s Managing Partner, says Gaveta is produced using fruits, vegetables, and spices at their company in Malangalanga opposite area 12 bus depot.

Gaveta: Powerful medicinal juice.

The company began making the juice in 2015.

He says patients who have taken other drugs have made comparison with Gaveta saying they get better by taking it.

‘’We have so many testimonies from the very same people who tried other medicines,’’ Matabwa said.

‘’ The only challenge we are facing is that people are comparing our juice with other juices which is on the market, but Gaveta is far much better from those. Gaveta is unique and powerful, The good thing about our product is that it has no side effects apart from urinating frequently for only first 2 days.’’ He says.

Matabwa says people need to go to hospitals for diagnosis before they seek treatment from Gaveta saying they are made aware of the main illness the person is suffering from by seeing the medical report.

‘’ If they are taking other drugs from hospital they can take both with Gaveta since it’s a nutritional supplement. We don’t tell patients to stop taking hospital medicines’’ he added.

The juice is being sold in one litre bottle which is going at MK8000 across the nation. Goldfarm has since said that there is a possibility of exporting the drug as there have been numerous responses from people outside Malawi.

This could mean registering with necessary health bottles – something which the company says it is working on and could be finalised in the next few months.

Matabwa also said that the company has thus far employed twelve Malawians.

‘’We are receiving international phone calls daily, but we are not rushing we want to help our people first,’’ said Matabwa.



  1. Gaveta; Sounds Like The Name Of The Person; What Made Them To Come Up With This Name, Gaveta?
    K8000.00 Per Bottle? Someone’s Salary Per Month.
    How Many Bottles Is One Supposed To Use?
    Is Malawi’s Medicine And Poisons Board Aware Of Gaveta?
    I Think K8000 Is The Retail Price, How Much Is Per Bottle At Wholesale Price?

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