6 year-old drowns in dam


A six year-old boy has died after he drowned in a dam which is situated within Ntagaluka village in Mangochi district.

Confirming the incident to Malawi24, Mangochi Deputy Police Spokesperson Amina Daudi said the deceased, Saiti Blessings, along with his two friends aged 4 and 5 were playing near the dam and they decided to swim.

DrownSaiti was the first to dive in and his friends clapped hands for him without realizing that he had drowned.

“Few minutes later they also followed him in the waters but lucky enough as they were diving someone who was passing by saw them and went to mobilize people in the village who went to search for them but only to find two of them alive while Saiti had already drowned,” Daudi told Malawi24.

Saiti was retrieved from the water and rushed to Mangochi District Hospital where he was pronounced dead and post-mortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that death was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, Police in Mangochi are advising people in Mangochi and the general public not to allow their children play or swim near water bodies especially this rainy season to avoid drowning.



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