Malawi celebrities to feature on Zambezi Magic


DStv’s Zambezi Magic has announced the coming of another locally produced programme called “Know Your Star” which will feature amazing real life stories of Malawi’s music stars and other celebrities.

Zambezi Magic indicates the programme will be broadcast every Sunday from 17:00 hours starting on February 5th, 2017.

It will reveal juicy tidbits about local celebrities that have never been heard before.

“Know Your Star’ is an upbeat, personal journey into the personal lives of some of Malawi’s well known music stars and artists. Viewers will be taken on a touching journey from their formative years through trials and tribulations and to the present day,” says the synopsis.

Zambezi Magic has already produced 13 episodes of upclose and personal interviews with local celebrities including Faith Mussa, Code Sangala, Musicians Association of Malawi President Reverend Mhango, Bucci, Ernest Ikwangwa, Anthony Dumba, Skeffa Chimoto, Janta, Evance Mereka, Trappa, Marvelous Deeds, Suffix and Sonye.

When interviewed, Faith Mussa could not hide his happiness at the prospect of being featured on the international channel saying it will prop up his image and help audiences to understand his music.

“I am looking forward to this programme because it will help to showcase our talent and music to a larger and international audience. Through this programme, I will be able to reach out to millions of people in their homes without plucking a guitar. Event organisers are looking for artists with visibility and good ratings both of which I hope to gain through this programme,” he said.

Mussa added that he was impressed with the angling of the ‘Know Your Star’ programme because it placed more emphasis on the story behind the artists other than just the music.

Skeffa Chimoto

Chimoto: This is great news.

“You may have listened to my music but you don’t know the story that inspired that music. Through this programme, people will be able to appreciate my upbringing which has had a lot of impact on my talent grooming. So the programme will be an eye opener to listeners to understand my music better,” he said.

Award winning Skeffa Chimoto, who is already an international star by virtue of his music enjoying airplay in Zambia, said apart from expanding his fan base, the programme will also help people to appreciate him as a family man outside the music.

“As artists, we have a public image and also a private life with our families. A lot of people only know what they see on stage or hear from people. This programme will put a human face on the artists by focusing on them as family men. In this way, some people who had negative perception based on hearsay will know the truth and change their perception,” said Chimoto.

MultiChoice Malawi Sales and Marketing Manager, Chimwemwe Nyirenda said Zambezi Magic is quickly establishing itself as a darling channel for Malawians because it is featuring more programmes with local content which many Malawians identify with.

“Apart from ‘Know Your Star’ the channel already features a regular talk show from Malawi called The Grapevine. Recently, the channel also featured a one hour long documentary of the 2016 Lake of Stars music festival which took place at Chintheche in Nkhatabay. Not to mention some movies from Malawi such as Lilongwe, Shame Joya’s Seasons of Life and Last Fishing Boat.

“These are programmes that many Malawians relate to because of the local content so Zambezi Magic is becoming a darling for Malawians because of its extraordinary content that is showcasing local talent. In doing so, the channel is also promoting the image of Malawi on the international scene which could also help promote our tourism,” he said.

The programme has been produced by Jones Mbera of Ayiya Multimedia and features Juliet Royo as presenter. The two also teamed up together in the production of Lake of Stars 2016 documentary which was broadcast on New Year’s Day on Zambezi Magic.

This is in keeping with some of the objectives for which the channel was launched that is to showcase content that is relevant to local audiences in SADC region as well as promoting the burgeoning talent in the local movie industry.

The channel broadcasts to SADC countries including Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia and was launched in 1st July 2015. Zambezi Magic is available on DStv channel 160 to Compact, Compact Plus and Premium Subscribers.


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