International star Rihanna spotted in Malawi


Barbados born musician Rihanna could not miss the camera lens earlier today as she was captured at a secondary school in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

As a matter of surprise, the songstress secretly made the Malawi journey but not for a music performance. She visited Lilongwe girls secondary school as an advocate for education.

The Umbrella star came in her capacity as an ambassador of Global Partnership for Education.

Her role is to encourage world leaders and policy makers to boost their support for global education.

In this regard she also campaigns to ensure that boys and girls in world’s poorest nations get quality education.

Wearing a white top and grey pair of trousers with her feet hidden in black boots, Rihanna had to take off her sunglasses for students to believe it was really a star they have been seeing on Television all along. On the other hand she shamed girls who look at her as a mentor when it comes to promoting nudity.

Rihanna’s surprise visit comes a few days after American pop star, Madonna, appeared in a local court. However Journalists were barred from neither taking pictures of Madonna.

Facts on reasons behind the secret visits remain sketchy which leaves Malawians with many unanswered questions.



  1. Kkkkk ma comments hahhahhahahhh Still Thomson Ray Cannon Joseph John Robert Gibo Sley De Briz Linda Shuppie Chavinda Patience W Ngwira

  2. Kodi nonsenu mukazindikira kuti mzowona mupepesa kwa Malawi24?…musanatsutse osafufuza kaye bwanji nde mpaka kutukwana….some of u all mukanika to open the link sinanga mulibenso mayunitsi…..Muzikhala ndi mwambo,mwapindulanji potsutsa musanapeze umboni weniweni? She is here and i saw her ku Lilongwe Girls ndimakasiya pocket money ya mwana…alengeze ngati akuzaimba…wabwera ndi Madonna mukumudziwayo

  3. Please my fellow Malawians. If we know that, we can’t write a comment in English let’s use our beloved language we know better. Kkkkkkkkkk

    Anyaway. I am enjoying reading your comments especially those in English. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. It’s none of my business.

    1. Yebo ngiyavuma mfwethu,palibe yemwe akuchita bwino komabe kacholako lako ka umulungu kalipo m’mitimamu,pamene wena kuchita kuvomereza njirayo yakuchionongekoyo kulandira dzilembonzo kumalimbikitsa umathanyula kapena kodi munamva mbiri yake yonse tsikana ameneyu bro,mudzakhumudwa mfufuzeni,ofcourse bukhu likuti tisaweruze komanso bukhu lomwelo likuti pali ntchito zoyeera anthu abwino ndi ntchito zina za iwo oyipa

    2. Daughter of the devil, y shld I waste time with her?

  4. u cyan talk about Rihana de way u can but she never ever think about u and ur adea or even thinking about malawi mayb she dont even knw malawi.if u could hv achance to spk with her,she could hav asked u “malawi is a country” if u dont knw

  5. I love Rihanna and bless her heart. She is a very nice person. I have never met her but I just love Rihanna. And she always helping lives for the world to be a better world. I wish I was in Malawi to see her so inspiring. Love you Rihanna.

    1. She is a very nice person. Anthu Ena akuti akudzaphunzitsa a malawi zovula. Bodza limeneri . How many nude pictures do we see on Facebook or What’s up? Ndi mtima wa munthu. Rihanna she is so humbled person and always want to help others. And mind you she is a Super Star. But she has a heart waumunthu. Her self being nude sometimes ndi momwe waimverera naye. But she is a sweetheart. I wish I was there in Malawi to met her. Bless her heart. At least she want to bless others too. Ena ma super stars amayadya ndalama okha.

  6. Atolankhani enanu mungokhala ngati inenso oti ku sukulu sindidapite, munthu kutola zithuzi palinkhani? Or inu mtapita ku America muli ndi Samsung Galaxy wanu mmanja simukatola zithuzi? Basi media ya kwa America ikapange edit nkhani kuti munthu wa ku Malawi amatola zithuzi, ndiye kuti zikuyenda ku up stairs??? Mukutipangisa manyazi ophunziranu pliz

  7. the fucking pple wonder about the present of Rihanna in Malawi.why?she is human being like and why u didnt wonder the present of Obama in Tanzania?plz be matured physicologically .Malawi is a developed cpuntry thus y she was there.even me oneday i ll be there get ready to c u all

    1. man i think u know hw to read and not understanding. Chiku Chibwanao Chirambo just go to the main target .u know hw to oppose and not getting the exactly point.i meant bcoz Rihanna was in Malaw which seems it can be developed countr y .she is not like your sister Chiku Chibwana Chirambo wamva..i know social studies than u toka hapo kalale

    2. Again you are not making sense #cliff. Aaaa manyaka ukuyankhulawa ungamandiyelekeze ndiiwe aixe, just because Rihanna came to Malawi then automatically Malawi became a developed country? unditaitsa nthawi ndakutaya man live with your ignorance.

    3. A Malawi ndichani mungokangana? ?, ndimaona ngati some of you now realised that “English” is just a language not a “measure of intelligence” and I wonder how Some ladies are too quick to point out spelling mistakes yet they cant point out who’s the real father to their kids… anyway it’s non of my business

    4. bambo Rihan a aliziwa malawi ni dziko laumphawi komabe alilimba mtima kutenga dziko lathu lolemera. unaganizira chinthu chimozi tu .do not take and concentrate colonials history. as the time goes own thi gs also changes.dont thing like unborn child without goals and achievement.

  8. Aaaaaaa guys let me conclude your argument, if you follow media and current affairs seriously, you could have just agree with this. Some months ago, I red about this on black lives matter, and the news said, #Rihanna has launched scholarship world wide. In her work she will be assisting students with school equipments. So just be happy that she has considered our troubled #Malawi.

    1. Mwawerenga bwanji Madala? Or maybe you are replying to another comment? Hahaha wrong parking. I don’t see the word equipment in this comment Banda Levison

  9. Apapa ndie watiputa dala mpaka kutipeza kwathu kuno! aaa… bas nanenso ndipita ku america kwao konko akandionenso azibale ake sindingainve

  10. Eish but kumalawi…This means that some figures are afraid of being known to be visiting poorest country and one of most corrupted nations? Because Even the government was amused by her presence in their own country..kikikk

  11. Penapake anthufe sitimakakamizidwa kulemba coment in english. Mukumalemba zosamveka & zoseketsa hevy kkkkk. Anyway, now let me talk to Malawi24. Are you not you who told us that #Rambo was here just few months ago? and then you came back saying the news was untrue, didnt you? We lost trust in you already when it comes to international matters.

  12. Ihave been taking fotos in schools with the students and my classmate too but you didnt even written me on your website,but Just because she is from America kkkkkk

  13. how journals missed of her visiting to Malawi ; and coming with the headline #Spotted, you mean nobody knew that she ‘ll be visiting Malawi ? Utola nkhani ukuvuta zeedi apo ;

    1. its just unbelievable, #Zarina; she’s so famous all World over ; for what reason she may visit Mw un-announced is hard to believe ; tizimva zeni zeni ; keep updating #Frankie

    2. Why shouls she announced her personal businesses to everyone. She didn’t come to sale music or do a show, she came for other personal businesses with who ever she came with so no point of announcing.. and yes its true she is in the City and by now I’m sure u have heard this from other news sources tht u trust most

    3. you are the best source ever updating me about this story Thumbs up dude ; thanks man ; anyway its good to hear such kind of people visiting Africa’s Warm Heart nation; its the only agood thing the good people could do to motivate others who looks at Malawi as nothing

    1. Mpakana wafikila kuti mukaziwa mutani mupitako….kumafunsa za nzelu kufunsa ngati ndi alendo anyumba mwanu hahaha koma inu eti

    2. Mpakana wafikila kuti mukaziwa mutani mupitako….kumafunsa za nzelu kufunsa ngati ndi alendo anyumba mwanu hahaha koma inu eti

  14. Our African sisters and brothers r started coming back to their ancestors after TRUMP showing them where they came from.

    1. Am telling you Favour,u find that Rihanna she’s from mangochi, her grandparent Rahab,had a child who married overseas and have grandchild called Rahab u know Islam name to Rihanna hahaha,we will see more Trumps time just wait and see.

    2. kakakakakakakakak iwe nde walasatu akuyenera anabadwiladi kuno makamaka kwagoliati thats y wabwera mwakachetechete nanga mpaka azinzake akaliati aziwe zot wabwerako ngati

    3. #Ameen English is just a language as u do with other local languages, after all timachita kuphunzira ndiye sizachilendo kulakwitsa English

    4. #Rihanna is not from mangochi,she from Caribbean island called Barbados. but maybe u right black Americans, black Caribbeans just like Jamaicans, Haitians, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago & black Brazilians their ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves during slave trade.

    1. Kodi izizi zomasekana chingelezi zayambanso liti? Surely you must be very stupid…. Even the elite pipo and some well respected cerebs don’t even give a toss about English…. Its only in malawi where English is a measurement of someone’s relevance….. Zichepe koma ndizachimidzi zimenezi… Ask Lionel Messi/ Neymar/ Pep Guadiora, Iniesta/ Xavi/ francos Hollande/ Enrique pena Nieto/ Eduardo do santos/ etc, these pipo are very influential but they don’t know English

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