Pac wants people involved in maizegate scandal arrested


The Public Affairs Commission(PAC) says the law should not spare anyone who will be found in the wrong in connection to the maizegate scandal.

The statement has been made by PAC’s publicity secretary Father Peter Mulolomole.

Fr. Peter Mulomole

Fr. Peter Mulomole; We want the truth to be known.

This comes as the Anti-Corruption Bureau, a Joint Parliamentary Commmittee on the Maize Deal, and a Commission of Inquiry on the purchase of maize from Zambia are probing the issue.

It is suspected that some public officers deliberately used a private company as a middleman during the purchase of 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia in order to get K10 billion from the deal.

Fingers have pointed at Admarc boss Foster Mulumbe and minister of agriculture George Chaponda but the two have denied any wrongdoing.

Reacting on the probe, Mulomole said government should practice transparency and accountability by making sure that those who shall be found in the wrong should be arrested.

He said the maize saga suspects are supposed to face the law as any Malawian does.

Mulomole also claimed that people who are suspected to have been involved in the scandal are Malawians who do not love fellow Malawians.

He finally uttered that many people have been hit by hunger yet others are stealing what those people were supposed to put on in their empty stomach .



  1. Who will arrest them, it seem s other people cannot be arrested because they take laws in their hands, we see if you push for that. If these people will not be arrested then the government should forthwith stop arrestig any person for doing wrong so that the country should be ruined

  2. Peter sangachite kanthu kwa Chaponda akudziwa kuti Iye alibe support ,mchipani Komaso ndichifukwa chani a Malawi muvutike kulankhula zoti sangakuveni? Peter ndi munthu wakufa yemwe sangamve olo mutalankhula .bola osamva wamoyo coz ndi sign ava .kkkkkk chinaso akuopa Kadya Kalisita kkkkk. Komabe ngati a Malawi takhuzidwa tidzalankhula moveka 2019 ,phokoso ndeu zingoononga mbili yathu iwaz in Namibia koma mzungu wina ataona Pasport yanga pa chipikisheni anaseka ndipo anandinyogodola kwambili ndipo xomwe zikuonesa kuti Malawi mbili ndiyosokonekela sakudziwika mwakale .Tamva taona enafe ndi akulu akulu taona momwe maboma apangila ubwino ndikuipa 2019 dziko lilankhule

  3. why Mr president sparing Chaponda?Do you Love poor Malawians who voted you into power,we does not recognise Chaponda,its you who employed him and you weak in thinking Bwana president.

  4. Previously It Was Cashgate Now Maizegate Next It Wil Be Roadgates! I Feel Sorry 4u Our Beloved Neighbours Although The Issue Is Between #Malawi & Our Country #Zambia.

  5. The whole PAC must be arrested also for letting government market selling maize at high price yet they know that ordinary people can not afford that amount of money.PAC must help us ordinary people not standing one side with leaving us alone next election everyone will stay away from voting .

  6. Thats dreaming, do you have your own police? if not then forget about that, they are protected by the big rat who is the actor in this maize deal, wait 2019. Akakhala pankhate sapheka.

  7. PAC is a disappointment. I stopped trusing this faith group full of selfish men of God. They have lost prophetic guidance in exchange for money.

  8. In this remarks, I have no option but giving #PAC a distinction. I wonder why PAC is quite on this? But finally you have joined this tragedy boldly & professionally after a long time of pondering on it. Actually this scumbag, hypocrite, selfish and unpatriotic called #Chaponda, deserves death sentence #NOT just arrested. Through his evil deeds, he killed many Malawians, coz other money which was planned for medical issues, has bin diverted to this ministry because of this money oriented #Chaponda.He has to be hanged.

  9. This is very true,and it could have happened already. These people could have been behind the bars while investigation cakes latter.

  10. Those thieves deserve mob justice coz they turning Malawi into hell for us to stay thats why citizens are fleeing in large numbers to other countries for green pasture.We must get rid all of them power is in our hands now.

  11. Mr president ,do u gt happy when you hear that Malawi is the poorest country in the world.?…so tired of this & that corruption scandles…look at worlds corruption statistics, Malawi is rating highest…… today is this maize- gate….fuck ACB

    • Yes !!!! my bro he is, and he knows that he contribute to poverty because he milk a lot from government coffers. But he doesn’t care for all Malawian because he has got no RELATIVES, apart from malemu bingu. So after milking us he will go back to his village in USA.

    • No one is proud of poverty i guess..its like corruption has become the way of life where our children will learn n future how to do t….and it looks like its now legal …everywhere everything is changing for better… but Malawi is capsizing.. shame

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