Malawians urged to emulate Chilembwe

Peter Mutharika

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has urged people in the country to follow the footsteps of John Chilembwe by working hard with the aim of developing Malawi.

Speaking yesterday in Chiradzulu during Commemoration of John Chilembwe Day, Mutharika said Chilembwe had all three important national virtues of hardwork, patriotism, and integrity that led to success.

“Today, January 15, is a very remarkable day in the history of our great nation as we celebrate a great son of the soil, John Chilembwe, who lived an inspiring life. He was patriotic and always determined to get what he wanted in his role as a leader,” Mutharika said.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Asks Malawians to emulate Chilembwe.

According to Mutharika, Chilembwe was extraordinary due to his achievements that are currently benefiting Malawi.

“Chilembwe was not a man who would falter in his mission because of any challenge. Just before he led the uprising, there was a great famine that lasted two years. But Chilembwe and his people never stopped working hard to rebuild their lives,” Mutharika said.

“If there was one man who was a symbol of our national virtues, of hardwork, integrity and patriotism, then it was John Chilembwe,” he added. The Malawi leader then called upon Malawians to follow suit.

“Today, we are called to rise and build our nation by emulating this industrious spirit. Let’s learn to emulate his life, believe in our country and work hard to develop our nation together,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader has since promised that his government will construct a technical college at PIM in Chiradzulu in remembrance of Chilembwe. Chilembwe led an uprising against colonialists in 1915 following concerns over forced labour and discrimination.



  1. Chilembwe anatikhomelera asaaaa bwenzi tili ngati ku sasafilika ife koma kapolo ameneyu kuthawa ndi mfuti komanso kumuotchera bell la tcahalitchi basi busy kumutama mxieeee

  2. bwana chilembwe ife tinampeza alimmanda pamene timabadwa ndie zoti amatani timangomva muradio its not fair to giv us examples of this man let’s move on if u can help HELPE us don’t keep on talking about the past sir plz this is not going to help us mind u pali enatu akugona two’ three days without food inu simungakhulupilile coz that never happened to you so it’s a joke plz plz help Malawi not by setting example of hundreds yirs ago

  3. KWA INU AMALAWI NONSE!! Ndawelenga mwanzeru ndemanga zonse! Kuonetsetsa ndikumvetsetsa AMALAWI mukulira mukufuna MTENDERE wa m’tima womwe siufuna NJALA, MATENDA,USIWA KAPENA NKHONDO!! Komatu m’kulira kwathu kwandiopsa kwambiri chifukwa chakunyoza JOHN CHILEMBWE! AMALAWI ena mwabadwira mu ufulu, m’masiku ameneo makolo athu anali ngati NYAMA ZA M’TCHILE! KULANDIDWA MALO, KULIMA M’KWAPULO ULI PA MSANA! AMAI KUBELEKELA MWANA M’MUNDA, MTEMBO KU-UKWAPULA! Izitu zinampangisa CHILEMBWE kuti akalipe ndikukangana ndi azungu! AMALAWI MUSA (MOSES)poona mtundu wake ukuzunzidwa ukuphedwa ngati agalu nayenso adakwiya n’kumumenya mu Egypt! pambuyo pa zaka zambiri MULUNGU ADAMUITANA ATSOGOLERE AISRAEL!! LERO mukulira munena mukusowa m’tsogoleri -ZOONA?? ADAMUSANKHA NDANI?? SITIDZAMUSANKHASO?? Chonde musamatukwane atsogoleri amene adamenyela ufulu muli nao lero chifukwa chamasankhidwe anu!! AMALAWI OGAWIKANA INU MUPHUNZILA LITI KODI!!! ZIKOMO.

  4. chilembwe was a stubborn fool who fought the british out of ignorance even before they had developed malawi,look at us now we lack all necessities of life even water itself or power and you tell me we are better off now? hell no we shouldnt have fought them then maybe now because malawi would have been like all we have is freedom of self suffering and good luck with that hence i aint copying chilembwes legacy

  5. What irealy don’t understand is apart from being called a President he is also called a Professor bt up to now I don’t see any good thing that he changed in our country that will talk about him nxt he left the seat besides of all the Priveladges he got. To me I think Education in mw is vry low if this one is realy professor then in this case my Uncle is a professor too.

  6. facts.chilembwe was killed two days after the uprising at was sgt useni and const garnet kaduya who shot john chilembwe and his nephew morris chilembwe at migowi in phalombe.the two bodies were taken to mulanje boma were an inquest was done.three people identified the bodies to be of chilembwe and morris .the magistrate was senior magistrate colin grant.the two bodoies were buried at unknown places around boma mulanje.sources are records at zomba archive and history book of DD phiri

  7. facts.chilembwe was killed two days after the uprising at was sgt useni and const garnet kaduya who shot john chilembwe and his nephew morris chilembwe at migowi in phalombe.the two bodies were taken to mulanje boma were an inquest was done.three people identified the bodies to be of chilembwe and morris .the magistrate was senior magistrate colin grant.the two bodoies were buried at unknown places around boma mulanje.sources are records at zomba archive and history book of DD phiri

  8. So Chaponda is emulating John Chilembwe by stealing maize may be because chilembwe went to mandala and stole guns … and he is stealing maize

  9. I don’t really understand.I went P.I.M after following chilembwe history. I mate with three old villagers they told me similar story of john chilembwe, one villager took me where chilembwe john his brother built his house and some remainings are still there.he told me that john chilembwe was not killed or chased by whites, john chilembwe after he was defeated left back for USA. I asked him how did you believe that he left for America? He said he was communicating with his brother through letter which was visible and other assistance, later the brother went to USA too. And many people know about this. John was not so very good man,his history has got so many false issues, and weakness. Kamuzu history is about sounding coz strength and weakness are followed well, but not john chilembwe and David Livingstone, there history is full lies, So when people say we should be like these people I don’t really agree, Okey so you want people should be like chilembwe who misslead, and put at risk so many people who got killed for him run away back to USA. The man should not cheat us to be like chilembwe, Please Hon,DDPhiri you as our Chief historian,this time don’t fear let’s stand up and collect this wrong history.

    1. Yah ! true , we need to change the mind.During MCP era,they just want to link the story to kamuzu coming,but now people know truth in school they learn wrong history, someone is standing in front and say learn to be like chilembwe ,then we say yes and clap hands. During Bakili time I also wondered when the Arab Mwama Gaddafi visited the country he condemned Americans for slave trade with the jumbe, I understand it was the Arab’s (Arab slave trade) and him Gaddafi was an Arab.but people forgot the history and clap hands that indeed Americans were trading in slaves. Even azibusa akuwona moboza pa chilembwe sangasuse ayi mwina nawo sakudziwa ngati ma born free.

  10. We do work hard but you muthalika always blame us that we are not the hardworkers, so you want us bleeding to confirm our hardworking ? So you are telling us that you muthalika youre following chilembwe foot ? By how ? U mean by making citzen like foreigners , maybe by corrupting and stealing from government, think twice b4 speak mr bloody muthalika

  11. Chilembwe uprooted main development roots by scaring and chasing away white people and failed to develope malawi on his own,,nothing Chilembwe did to malawi nation

  12. Does it mean going to USA to study theology and come back kuzayambana ndi azungu? or you mean before he went to usa? are you yourself living a chilembwe life? As you claim to be developing Malawi think of the poor and the voiceless also

  13. Mr president u say malawian should work hard.hahahaha very unfortunatily why u failing to tell your minstries not to corrupt.if u hard heart like John chilembwe our country would develop but mmmmmm it seams u are together with your min

  14. Is Chaponda also included. Don’t tell us those shit when u are busy protecting stupid and corrupt Chaponda in your cabinet. We were born hard working,so you save it. You don’t need to tell us.

  15. tilibe nthawi yolimbana ndi anthu . . . ndipo Mr President im sure this is your first and last term as president you are making stupid decisions . . . that raises the Question are you STUPID?

  16. nonsense at all.he ran away from Malawi to USA for being afraid of being poor. he failed to live like chilembwe.he came back because he was promised ministerial position by his brother who also came back to Malawi with a need of only being a president. they all failed to live like chilembwe.he can’t tell us to live alife like chilembwe because he is doing the opposite of chilembwes life.idiot leader

  17. And ut family do they live like Chilembwe???? Mesa mukudya zokuba zomwezo. We do work hard koma singabwere kwa iwe nkumakuwuza momwe tigwilira ntchito zathu, aaaaa ngati mukunsow mfundo bwanji osangokagona. U ad a preaident u shld follow Chilembwe’s footstep not us. Coz if we do that then tikaba kutiko poti inu mwangopanilila mgodiwo. Chilembwe ankaba ngati inu amene.

  18. We working hard n u reaping what we havest every time, I’ll appreciate if u say u will make sure all the corrupt ministers must go. Ohhh i 4gt yr partners in crime so u can’t fire becoz yr scared thy speak the dack side of u hahahahahahah Mr president, just u luaing it n time is ticking, what comes around gos around. Ndatha ine wanu ayi sindinathe did chilembwe die n spill his blood for corruption? No then y can’t u respect his leagacy?

  19. workin hard workin hard what,,Mr president I wish I could meet u face to face,,to open ur sleepy eyes.but since you look down on us, am let u know that I got no love for ya,,and chilembe was just one of those pastors who didnt do any shit I guess .he sent the white people earlier, that why we don’t have any thing

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