Malawi24’s Upclose: meet Crispy Malawi


This week I talk to Lilongwe based up and coming artist Crispy Malawi of the Ngati Chitsiru fame in another exhilarating episode of Malawi24’s Upclose.

Lyonike: Welcome Crispy, feel accommodated.

Crispy Mw: Thank you.

Lyonike: To begin with, who is Crispy Mw?

Crispy Mw: My real name is Chifundo Chingaipe, I am second born in a family of five, am 19 and Roman Catholic by denomination.

Lyonike: As an artist are you just confined to rapping?

Crispy Mw: (laughs) Am not just a rapper am an artist so yeah I can sing and do any type of music, as a matter of fact with the introduction of plugins such us auto tune and the likes everyone can sing, the production matters

Lyonike: Who inspired you to do music and when did you start?

Crispy Mw: I was inspired by my elder brother, C.I.P, who is also my manager and I started music at a tender age in primary school that was in 2009/2010 if am not wrong.

Lyonike: Wow, primary school? What a record.

Crispy Mw: (laughs) yeah it is bra.

Lyonike: Hip hop has taken a new twist as more modern rappers are into Trap hip hop, are you part of this new school of hip hop?

Crispy Mw: An artist is more or less like a brand so before you set a product you check what’s trending on the market so currently its Trap Music so yea am into it and am dropping an EP titled Trap boss in weeks coming.

Lyonike: Ngati Chitsiru is a trending hit, should we expect more tracks of this nature from you?

Crispy Mw: Yeah! yeah! Ngati Chitsiru is trending and people should expect more hits or I can even guarantee you that they should expect more than this as I have already said that am working on an EP which has bangers like ngati chitsiru.

Lyonike: What’s the motivation behind, the coolest kid in Malawi, identity?

Crispy Mw: (Laughs) yeah I came up with the Coolest kid in Malawi thing because my music is unique as in it’s different from music done by other artists since they do concepts that are already there or done by other artists, I always come up with coolest concepts, concepts you never heard of, that’s what pushed me into the Coolest Kid in Malawi identity.

Lyonike: Are you associated with any label?

Crispy Mw: Yeah am under Ife ndi Amalawi entertainment a record label I co-founded with my brothers CIP, Jazil and Jad P.

Lyonike: Between Blantyre and Lilongwe, which city has hot MCs according to you?

Crispy Mw: (Laughs) honestly speaking Blantyre, because Blantyre artists don’t just do music focusing on their neighbourhood, they do global level music.

Lyonike: Which artists inspire you both locally and internationally?

Crispy Mw: Lucius Banda, Ma Blacks locally and internationally its Don Moen, Alkaline, Tory lanes and Don Williams.

Lyonike: But you are a rapper for Christ’s sake (laughs)

Crispy Mw: (Laughs) yeah of course but then art is art.

Lyonike: What else do you do apart from music?

Crispy Mw: I have a diploma in community Development so currently am working at a certain NGO and studying at the same time.

Lyonike: That’s inspiring.

Crispy Mw: (Laughs) thanks.

Lyonike: So what’s your favourite meal?

Crispy Mw: Nsima ndi Nyemba

Lyonike: I like beans too but with rice, anyway it’s been nice talking to you Crispy, all the best!

Crispy Mw: Thank you.



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