11 January 2017 Last updated at: 7:18 AM

Manganya calls for Chaponda’s resignation

Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) has joined calls for resignation of Malawi’s minister of agriculture irrigation and water development George Chaponda and Admarc top boss Foster Mulumbe following reports of maize scam.

George Chaponda

Chaponda: Has come under fire.

The organization has argued that the two must resign to pave way for investigations on the matter.

Speaking on the local press, ADRA Malawi deputy country director Michael Ussi argued that the two are to be proven innocent upon completion of investigation by the commission of inquiry.

“People out there understand better the maizegate than cashgate because they survive on maize for food, they are asking themselves why they don’t have maize and that now they are able to understand this issue of maizegate.

“This issue is a serious one and it will not die a natural death, I would like to see those people that are being investigated resign or being forced to leave offices,” said Ussi.

He further argued that the two must not be above the law hence they need to give space for investigations.

However, President Peter Mutharika has vowed not to fire Chaponda as earlier suggested by some quarters arguing that his action will be based on the report of the commission.

Civil Society Organization’s (CSO’s) have also been calling for resignation of Chaponda and suspension of Mulumbe saying the two are likely to jeopardize investigation being carried by the commission of inquiry.

The Malawi government through Admarc wanted to buy 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia for Malawians facing hunger due to persistent dry spells during the 2015/16 farming season.

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