11 January 2017 Last updated at: 7:10 AM

Malawians are dying while crossing into South Africa

Malawians and Zimbabweans who use unchartered routes to enter South Africa are reported to be facing challenges and some of them have died in an attempt to cross the Limpopo River that borders South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Authorities have confirmed that five Zimbabweans have died after drowning in the river near Beitbridge.

Reports that Malawi24 has gathered indicate that these illegal immigrants use such unchartered routes to get into South Africa because they do not have proper travel documents.

Speaking to Malawi24, a Malawian who is currently in South Africa said the situation is pathetic since the river now has high water levels due to heavy rains.


Zimbabwe border jumpers crossing the Limpopo . Image (Nehanda Radio)

“Most Malawians who are here in South Africa use unchartered routes due to lack of proper documents. The story this time is different since some of them have died together with Zimbabwean nationals in attempt to go into the rainbow country,” said Amidu.

Commenting on why Malawians opt to go South Africa without proper documents, Amidu said that the cost of processing a passport is expensive hence some Malawians cannot afford.

Meanwhile, South African authorities have launched search operations for immigrants who have gone missing in Limpopo River.

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