Malawians are dying while crossing into South Africa


Malawians and Zimbabweans who use unchartered routes to enter South Africa are reported to be facing challenges and some of them have died in an attempt to cross the Limpopo River that borders South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Authorities have confirmed that five Zimbabweans have died after drowning in the river near Beitbridge.

Reports that Malawi24 has gathered indicate that these illegal immigrants use such unchartered routes to get into South Africa because they do not have proper travel documents.

Speaking to Malawi24, a Malawian who is currently in South Africa said the situation is pathetic since the river now has high water levels due to heavy rains.


Zimbabwe border jumpers crossing the Limpopo . Image (Nehanda Radio)

“Most Malawians who are here in South Africa use unchartered routes due to lack of proper documents. The story this time is different since some of them have died together with Zimbabwean nationals in attempt to go into the rainbow country,” said Amidu.

Commenting on why Malawians opt to go South Africa without proper documents, Amidu said that the cost of processing a passport is expensive hence some Malawians cannot afford.

Meanwhile, South African authorities have launched search operations for immigrants who have gone missing in Limpopo River.



  1. Fuck the stupid pipo who tries to cross the border through that dangerous way while u can go through the gate with ur 100 land in you passport

  2. Ndidzabodza palibe mmalawi pagulu limeneli
    Nanuso amalawi news mukamalemba mudziyamba mwafufuza kaye zamanyi basi

  3. Uyo ntchizeleza.wanthu wakufuma Ku vyalo visambazi like America or UK walimuno kugwira ntchito kulela ma family yawo so ise ke..or Ku Malawi wanthu from kuno Ku South Africa or UK or America walikuku wakugwira ntchito.Mendelo waliyose wakumanya yekha kuti wakafike uko wakhumba.Tasuska waka ngozi iyo wakutemweka wanyithu talekelana.Uyo wandasambile mulekeni waka wangatizelezgeska

  4. All is well if it goes well.Nobody to blame.Kumalawinso tili ndi anthu a mayiko ena omwe athawa umphawi kwawo nkumati bola Ku Malawi.Zangochitika izi ndani safuna kukhala pabwino

  5. The formation Of United States Of Africa Is A Solution To All This Or The Formation Of Southern Africa Federal Government is a Solution To all this poverty….Republic of south africa population is increasing in numbers almost each day..If we can form a federal government of southern africa or United states of africa,then that means reducing all the problems Africa is facing currently..

  6. People left the country due to economic crisis, some of them left the country having degrees, diploma & more qualifications while they can’t find job akuti akufuna Wa experience. WHR can they get experience poti akuchokela Ku school?????

  7. Iwe Jonathan Chiluwe Kasokaniza why u talking like stupid? If u don’t know anything about this you better keep quiet, ukuonangat kuno kulimbulizokhazokha? Am real Malawian guy, I went to xool but coz it’s not easy to get job in Malawi I came here to look for the green pastures due to the lucky of job, am now working in South Africa doing nice job and am happy the salary here that I can’t get it three, kunoku ma Nurse angapo omwe amachita kunenakt kumeko sangagwilekoso coz Nurses don’t get enough money like here, so don’t say that all of us coming here in the RSA we are uneducated, just keep your mouth shut

  8. If u want everyone should be educated,u suppose a wrong thing,it wil neva happen that everyone would be rich the country.The government is the main root of all evil,if they support the poor pipo lyk other countries do,malawians would be wel respected.Things are up,eg.fertilizer,food,how can poor pipo manage to help themselves ?I feel sori with my malawi,,why during mcp and UDf pipo were not doing this?the country was beautiful and peaceful !

  9. This leakage is from Zimbabwean what’s up groups. Meaning kuti someone took it from that group . There’s no any malawian in those people. Please stop writing something you don’t know. Shame why do you write this lies and why guys you just put comment for something that you don’t know. If he is got a proof please write down there name so that we can know them .let me remind you guys this is the world of technology he is just fooling people for writing that on the newspaper

  10. THIS IS A TOTAL LIES, PEOPLE ARE JUST POSTING WHAT IS IN THEIR MIND NOT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AT ALL. Let’s learn to be honest guys because there’s nothing of that nature.#fact

  11. Musapezele mwai oti muzinena boma pa khani imene boma lililonse lili ndimalamulo kwa athu awo potuluka mdziko kapena alendo polowa dziko mwawo zitsilu ndi athu omwe akumaitana abale awo kumalawi kubwela kuno opanda chilolezo chaboma zotsatila zake ndizimeneze palibe kulakwa kuli konse kwa boma apa sheme on you malawians

  12. Trasnsporters and uknown Buses eish they causing a lot of troubles they always dropping people near Bitbridge and go back before people passed the boarder that’s why people find their own ways trying to cross illegely. some are missing some kidnaped, we have been warning this for long time people doesn’t understand. please us well known buses and make sure you got enough money before you start your journey to SA.

  13. Guyz problem its our goverment..Boma litamatikhomerera bora ku RSA anthu akupeza better life than ku malawi. I hate presdent of malawi,,,ku joni tizipitabe basi

  14. No Malawian, Zimbabwian, South African, American, British, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, no human being should die because of political, religious reasons. There’s enough resources on our planet for everybody, irrespective of colour or creed. Let’s make this world a better place for all.

  15. Chomwe mudziwe choti dzko lapasi dziko lodula passports ndiziko lamalawi ngakhale ID yomwe ndiye ndalama angazipeze kuti anthu afao chifukwa cha boma la Dpp kuyambira pomwe kuli akulu aja anakumba manda mubali mwaseu ku mulanje

  16. Poverty is all over the world and its not only the Malawians and Zimbabweans who ve lost their lifes in that way. We ve seen the huge no of people from north,west,east and even central part of african countrys, are dying every time now and then (at the medditeranian sea) , People are flee their countrys inorder to look for abetter life somewhere like europeans countrys. To those of you who are busy insuiting the Malawi gvt , that is the causer of this problem in which way if i may ask you?. Since from H.K Banda, B.Muluzi,P.B. Wamunthalika and J.Bandas tenure, people werent not going to south africa to look for abetter life and job?. Am appealing to those people who used to go to afoireghn countrys please, lets avoiding to use ashort cut because life is preacious. May there souls rest in enternal peace, and my condolences to the lost familys.

  17. Jonathan chiluwe ndiukasokoneza w akowo ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu kodi iwe wabadwa liti ukanena kuti anthu amene amabwera kuno ndioti adathawa sch kumeneko ndikakankhula mwaugalu ndi anthu angati amene ali kumalawi komweko ku sch anapita koma akubvutika koma ukuganiza kuti dziko lingakhale ndi anthu onse okhala ndi ma degree ndima diploma olo kwa america osaphunzila alipo ndiye ngati iweyo udaphunzila ndikumagwila ganyu osamalankhula motumba chifukwa choti ukumapita kutoilet pamene anzako akubvuti komanso kodi kumalawi aliyense ali ndi malo olima kapena kulibe alimi amene akubvutika ngati unalibe mfundo bola osalankhula

  18. Frankly speaking, how many well educated Malawians have flown to South Africa to look for jobs? If check properly, most of these people are un employable because they deliberately dropped out of school long ago despite their parents and guidians forcing them to remain in school up to the end. Don’t rush into blaming govt for no important reason or because you want please your political pay master. Advise these people to start farming as a business and they be rich soon. Think before you criticise govt on every thing. We are a problem as Malawians, always looking up to the president to feed us. Time for handouts is over! Lets get to work and earn money for our daily living.

    • so u r trying to say dat all educated people are working there in MALAWI? Its these gredy politicians who r 4cing us to flee ou country to search 4 better living my br

    • Mbuzi iwe ngati ndi ndale tikuonera akachoka paymaster wakoyo anthu atopa ndikulima mukumangowabera pogula mbeu zangovuta ndi ngozi asiyeni azipanga zawo mwalephera kale 52 yearsvkuzilamulira zinthu osayenda

    • You are calling me mbuzi because am telling you the truth or because you think this is happening because of govt? South Africa is receiving many people from different countries say, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia. In south Africa, you find even Nigerians, the British, somalians etc. What can you say about such people from other countries? Is it also Malawi govt? Use your aorta properly my friend

    • Olo kukuona pankhope ndakuona kuti mzeru ndizopelewela and to say the fact i never see a person like u in this world wotembeleledwa olo mmene wapopoleramo kuphunzira kwake kuli pati

    • All you need brother it’s to travel the world then maybe it can stop your stupid thinking,it’s not all educated Malawians that works in Malawi there also educated Malawians in S,A,you talking of farming anthuwo akalima mesa ndiboma lomwelo lomwe likumangoyang’anira alimi akugulidwa mbewu pamtengo wotsika,if your had common sense tou couldn’t change your statement,where are zimbabwe zambia and the other countries u mention in comments coming from,because at first u said #Malawians now you adding countries iwe ndimbuzidi sananame

    • dont speak as if u r someone who knows much about school ,as if u r the most wisemen ,but try to understand somebody’s failure,there r some who ddnt finish school not just bcoz they ddnt like it but becoz of many good reasons example,, some they might be at university of malawi but bcoz they were withdrawn bcoz of school fees ,,some it might b bcoz of someone who was paying them at secondary school sanapitilize coz may be they lost job or they died,,,so if those ppo think of going somewhere en try to earn a living mind u that is the best they could have done than farming as u pointed out ,so be considerate and rash into blaming others ,lets just pray for them than blaming anyone,,our gvt is poor interms of economic stand,it cant manage to employ even half of the current population ,we dont have enough industries to employ labourers, so i dont see it proper to blame the gvt or the ppo who r n MW but rather to try our best as we can to save our souls as those emigrants did

    • Firstly ur stupit man coz u dnt knw wat ur talking. If I come to u and ask u to borrow me money or gv me u cnt gv if talk abt school sionse amene amapeza chithandizo chokwanira kuti amalize xool on top of that ena sanamalize xool cox their parents passed away so wtch your sentiment plz be human wamva.

    • i lyk ur comment jonathan, coz thoz ppo 4rm south africa fought alot 4 their country to be where they are nw and nw these ppo they jst want to found good thngs thngs on the silver plata leaving their poor country undeveloped insted of develop their on country. lazy ppo indeed nt only physical but also mentaly coz they afford to find transport 4rm here to sa which would hv been a capital 4 a busines if they were oky in their thnking.

    • Man Jonathan, Sukulu yake yakuti imene munaimba inuyo? Ndi Spelling ya Lilongwe yomwe mukulephera kulemba pa Timeline yanu. I pity U my Friend. If U don’t know South Africa is a Cosmopolitan Country, even Americans, British are flooded here, ndiye tiziti onse ndiosaphunzila, odziwa buku ndinu nokha. Kapena anabwela kunoko anazapempa ndalama ya Transport kwanu??

  19. Please musanamize anthu this post has been there since last week mukungokankhirana last week inali ku Zim akuti Zimbawians washed way with Limpopo river and now yafika kumalawi shame..guys please muziona nkhani zonamiza anthu..this is not true believe me.

  20. Malawians are cowards……………cashgate,tractorgate,escom fire gate,maizegate etcetra.what are you doing??? Making noise,noise,noise,!!!!!!!!! Blame !!!!blame!!!! Blame!!!!!! One minister vs 18 sleeping million people hihihihihihih shame!! We do vote them in why cant we boot them out????? …..Malawi at 53 years of Independence!!!!!!!! Mxiiiiiiw……

  21. We all have a burning desire to live a better life yes but we need to be reminded that hurry hurry is not a speed and shortcuts in most cases does not help lets pursue our vision with patience other than with haste and end up in prison or loose our dear life compromising our dreams.

  22. For me i understand and i knw the reasons.Its beter to suffer or take a risk tryng to survive ruining problems u ar facing at ur homeland.These pple were tryng to run the problemz they wer facing in their countries.Remember it gud to suffer in a foreign country rather than ur home country.For malawians lets all ask God to giv us gud rain in thiz growng season so that we can hav atleast enough grain .Ukakakhala umphaw tinazolowera koma njala nd ndani akaizolowele?God bless malawi

  23. Kkkkkk tisanamizanepo apa nkhani yopita kunja inayamba ndi atsamunda kenako nthawi ya Mcp kenaka UDF mpaka pano anthu akupita and adzidzapitabe not only DPP yokha anthu akupita kunja mukatero mukunamapo apa tiyeni tione ma china ali mbweee paliponse koma kwawo tikuwatcha kut ali pa number one nanga ma Indians ali mbweee inu lekani bodza ngakhale titati titenge wina President anthu sangasiye kupita ku South africa

  24. Lets stop talking about our fail president , These people they never die bcoz of President and we mustn’t forget that death it’s every whre in the office , on the road ,in the house and many more all over the world . Lets just pray for them and put the in a hand of almight Lord

  25. Chomvesa chisoni nchakuti,m’malo moti mwina aziwangwira nkumatumiza m’makwa kapena kwauza adziko lawo kuti azawatenge koma nkumawapha anthu osalakwa moyo kwathu kuno ngovuta.Mulungu ndiye akudziwa chilango chake chomwe atawapatse anthu aku South Africa onwe atiphela azibale athu wallah ,kodi boma lathu likutiko bwanji?,mizimu ya abale athu iwuse mu ntendele.

  26. Am denouncing Malawian president and his cabinet there is no leader in that country old fashioned crazy crooks whom run banana republic of Malawi we’re tired of them cz soon change is coming this is massage to you Peter wamunthalika your old there is nothing that you can do for us we will through you out old man

  27. Eeeeh guyz you must tolk like you born through
    Person not animal it’s not fair!!!! Chifukwa omwe amwalirawo sanachite kufuna ayi inali ngozichabe ndiye dibwino kumalankhula nonsense kuti mutamidwe muzikhala ndi umunthu komanso chisoni ngakhaleso kumalawi konko mulungu atafuna uthanso kumwalirabe.

  28. we mourn 2geza,tears never dry,dis done due 2 our national faillure[president,ministers & other big shots] may thier lion’s share choke dem to DEATH…mxxiii!!!

  29. Anthu akufuna ntchito zolembana opanda chinyengo kapena ubale.sukulu ngakhale osaphunzira SA is in Africa but Mwian we are not treated lyk africans.we olny used for politician tool.

  30. Lessons to would be victims. Money and life are two different things, but all lead to death. Be wise and thoughtful. Our Grand parents perished in same way better be civilized today.

  31. Filling shame to my families that has been lost there life’s (advice to those that they don’t no or have enough document your not supposed to lessening to those people,in brief transporters becouse to them they need money only not to save the life be carefully on this.

  32. tisamala nkhule mopelewela nzelu siti kudziwa kuti ama pita kapena amabwela enanu apa azibale anu ana choka kale kale or phone saimba kulankhula kwake mumati ana tola chikwama samati imbila phone or ndiku ganiza zoti ali moyo kapena ana kusiyani simuganiza mwina atha kukhala gulu lofeledwa koma ndiku khala mbuli yola nkhula zopoila kuti amakatani

  33. Munthu yemwe amakonda kupanga dzinthu dzchidule moyonso umakhala dnso wachidulednso pamene zafikapa anthu afawa alindimilandu iwili ziko lapansi ndi kumwamba Chifukwa chinyengo chomwe adali kupango ndichomwe chawapha komabe akause mu m tendere kunalembedwa kuti munthu ayenela azave zowawa

  34. To all Dear Friend s who send your 4nnumber,if I add your number are not found omt What’s App, so just ADD me/Inbox me I will send videos ,pictures through ur inbox, zomvetsa chitsoni. Some pple gt pictures already yesterday.

  35. What is the source of all this? People leaving their family and homes. Risking their lives to get better life. Yet this man says Malawi with DPP will be a paradise if we vote them in 2019. Yes every nation has challenges but Malawi and Zimbabwe are far too much bad. That just shows how Malawians want to change their lives. We can do what ever it takes to have better life, even putting our life on danger. Chimanga akuba, chithandizo chikulowa but still the situation get worse and worse.

  36. Anthu wa sanamwalire ndi madzi amawaombela Ali pakati pa ntsinje ncholinga choti azinama kuti afa ndi madzi tho ndege ya army inali mmwamba panthawiyi ndithu kuombela anthu.

  37. Hi. I can understand people want to go to South Africa, because of the lure of jobs, money, better conditions… but don’t do it. South Africa is full of witchcraft, sodomy, abortion, it has a God-hating government. There are some nice people but people in SA are often self-absorbed, selfish, arrogant and overly aggressive. It’s the kind of place where if you get knocked down and killed on the street, the services look at you like you’re just roadkill. It is the rape capital of the world, there are over 20,000 murders/deaths by crime per year, and there is resentment of immigrants for “taking their jobs”. Not a very nice place to be… And besides, unemployment is officially 26%, in reality possibly up to 40%.

    So while Malawi may be really poor, ask yourself are the riches really worth moving to “Sodom and Gomorrah” for? Material possessions are only temporary…

  38. It is specific story and it happens ,I just feel sorry 4 other neighbors who flock into south Africa lkng 4green pasture, drop your number I’ll send video’s and some pictures as of now Maximum number is 34people who have die and their bodies are kept at Messina Mortuary “may there Soul RIP.

  39. The greatest sin any government can make is failing to proved Jobs,education,food and many other things if all these things i have mentioned were available i don’t think people to go out of this country looking for good life,lets agree here that life is as bad as in Syria.

  40. Malawi24 sudzamva thts why malawi satukuka bodza too much ndinali komweko dzulo but nkhani ndamva ndiya anthu awiri aku zimbabwe omwe anamira not amalawi guiz kutchuka sichoncho ai

  41. goverment is the problem,they want everything for themselves, which makes people to leave the country for greener pastures

  42. Malawians are suffering becoz they chose someone who can ably work as a councillor to be president. Someone who they say is a professor but has kindergarten brains. He doesnt think at all, he thinks very fast when it comes to stealing and politics. How i wish these pple drowning are dpp supporters. So that they be reduced in number. I hope this councillor of theirs is aware about pple dying while crossing limpopo river to south africa. If malawi govt was well managed pple wud not be going to south africa.

  43. Vuto ndi ulesi anthu mukuthawa kulima kuno mukupita uko kumakapanga maganyu oseza matumba kapena kuyitanila kawunjika eeee mulungu wapanga dala kuti mudziwe kuti chozemba chinakumana ndi chokwawa eish ine langa ndi khasu kuno kumudzi basi.

    • mukamapanga coment muziyamba mwaganiza man???? Ulimi wake umenewo mupitanao kuti?? Shame on u ”’anthu aluza miyoyo inu mukunyadila???

    • Ma village dwellers amenewo. Kuchinyadira chibalo chosuntha Dothi, chaka chino mbali ina cha mmawa mbali ina thats what you deserve dude zachisoni. I can’t say that sindilima i know how to do it but not being proud of it, How ?????????.

    • chimunthu chopanda nzelu ichi komatu ndi chinzibambo ngakhale chikulankhula ziphwisi zokha zokha apa kula nkhula mwamanyi ngati chili ndi kamwa kupasi kwaphazi uku siku dutsa okha okha opanda passport or uli nayo munthu umatha kudutsa nde iwe ulankhula manyi ngati ukulankhula uta polama nmene wakulilamo ndinthu koma azibambo ena kupanda nzelu unakwatiladi kapena ana kukwatila ndakaziako

    • Inetu sindingapange zauchitsiluzo munazolowela kulandila kupisa matumba anthu malo mogwira ntchito inu ndi aja mumati mukalembedwa ntchito simutha masiku angapo mwabapo mukhalila yomweyo anzafe tikutukuka ndi uli omweo.

    • God forgive you Mr Wallace namwini if we can say alomwe saganiza bwino inde tilakwisa komabe tinena zoona poti APM naye ndi mu lomwe nde mwati muyakhule mwa Chochi ayi mwalakwitsa chakuza mawa sichiimba ng’oma ngati Pa family ya kwanu sipanayambe pachitikapo Mauro thokozani mulungu wanu takuonani maliro simukuwaziwa RIP brothers and sisters

    • mboli yako,pathako pako,machende ako,pankholo pako,kumasongti kumkholo panja ukutitenga ngati ife ndiosaphunzila kulima mpka liti unatuluka thukuta pa mkolo kolo kuteloko kumalakhula zopusazo cash gate ikukukhuzaso undibwezele zanga ndikabwelako

    • mboli yako,pathako pako,machende ako,pankholo pako,kumasongti kumkholo panja ukutitenga ngati ife ndiosaphunzila kulima mpka liti unatuluka thukuta pa mkolo kolo kuteloko kumalakhula zopusazo cash gate ikukukhuzaso undibwezele zanga ndikabwelako

    • Ndati nditsutse Mulungu wake uti wachitiladayo? apa mwanama chifukwa sangakondwe ndikuyankhula konunkha mwayankhula inu apa, welengani BIBLE mudziwe kuti Mulungu amatani.

    • Inu @ Benjamin kwanu ndi kutukwana basi ndiye mukudziwa koma ndiwe mbuli yothelatu.
      Munthu sungachoke kuno ulendo wa ku jon ndiye ukadzela mthengo malo adusila abwino aluwawona. Kodi munthu ameneyo akafika komwe akupita ali ndi tsogolo lanji ameneyo. Komanso munthu upite ku joniko ukatheko zaka 5 ubweletse Tv, Dvd, blanget ndi njinga ndiye kuti wapindulapo chani, pamene munthu amene ali kuno kumudzi pa zaka 5 wamanga kodi wapanga zaphindu ndi ndani. Ndiye mukakamba zakumachende zanuzo mudziyamba mwaganiza kaye.

    • Iwe Mbuzi ya munthu wallace Mwiri Mapwiya sianthu onse amene amazera njira zimenezi kuti alibe zoyenelera wamva, ulendowu ndiwautali pamakhala zambiri zochtka munseumu,monga kubeledwa, komans ma transpta kukuchita chpongwe.zimenezi zimapangisa kut uyambe plan B.komanso ulimi masiku ano siodalirika you brainwashed. choncho chifukwa pa ntundu panu ngozi ngat izi sizinachitikepo ayi zikomo. abale amenewa mizimu yawo ikause muntendere

    • Maganizo awa si awumunthu ayi ndi abakha wokudya zitosi munthu wankulu koma kuganiza mopelewela zikafika pankhani za infa zimakhala zachisoni oloko asali nbale wako. Iwee simmalawi weniweni ndiwe ongofuna malo ku malawi

  44. It looks like even the poster is intangled in a cloudy position,he doesnt have tangible and palatable information partaining the Malawians who faced this tragedy,he just got wind,5 Zimbabwean has so far comfirmed,period.Brother go deep and come to us well equipped

  45. Nothing terrible here,amakhala akudziwa kuti muli ng’ona komanso ma transporter enawa ndiamene akuchitisa zonsezi nkaona anthu ena akumathera pomwepo popewa kubwerera chikhalirecho walipira ndalama zokwanira.lero ndi izi timati akatithandiza koma mmalo mwake ndi ife tikuthanditha kudyesa ng’ona zamaiko ena.tichitepo kanthu

  46. i blame this to our president,why Malawi is going down down down economically head up mr president this people are trying to search green pastures somewhere ……

  47. Yes Chaponda stl our money and according to our law he must stp dwn bt some people’s also wrng!,hw can u move 4m Malawi to South Africa without a passport?.Guys is nt easy to travel and more people pay more money to transports so that they can take them to South Africa,and wryt nw more than 55 malawians died and stll more people missing which mean its alot of people wll found died nw hllcpters of South African police stll lking 4 the missings ones.Plz dnt try to cme in South Africa without dcment or Passport.Ma south African akuchita dala,Akumaseka madzi kenako akaond anthu ozembera mbali imeneyo akumasegula madzi kenako Madzi kukokolora anthu ngati njira imodzi yolesera anthu kuzemba pa Boarder.

  48. And people will continuing crossing boarders and risk their lives cz thts only the option they have rather to die in ur own country cz of hunger while munthu wina oyenda pa galimoto lodula amene akuvala ma suit Kmanso getting huge salary and allowances akufuna tizimulipilira ndalama zomwe waba ku Zambia popular chimanga…….fuck Chaponda mizimu izakulanga!! Ufa

  49. Pofera salambula. Moyo wamunthu some aliyense uli ndi mission once that mission is accomplished you leave this earth. Ena mission yawo inathera pa Limpopo river.

  50. guyz be wise,it was this paper which wrote that the govt found solution on malawians who go to southafrica without proper malawians ar dieng wat can we say?

  51. if things change in those countries for the betterment of people alot of lives will be saved. if we talk of malawi its a shame to see the minister of agriculture is a thief as it has been just confirmed in the procurement of maize from zambia while the masses dont have food in their homes . things like these are the ones that force people to leave their countries in search of food as their governments are failing.

    • Poor infrastructure for social and economic plans of our leaders causes all these shameful pain.
      Witness yourself how Malawians scramble at Passport offices of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu really you will imagine that something, some where in our country is not alright.
      But blind government of today still make profits on citizen hard earned resources instead for the government to create economic and social gains of the nationals.
      Malawi is number one on issuing passports to its nationals amongst all African nations, why and why?
      Because there are no economic and social strategic plans which can attract investors to bring jobs to Malawi.
      Malawians are all over the world, on only one reason,
      Malawi at its age of 54 years would be at a better country to supply work to its citizens.
      Intellectuals, skilled/semi skilled class and even local farmers are leaving country

    • Even though it doesn’t mean we should leave our country but its time to find solutions to the problems we are going through since we know its root cause

    • Mr. Willard Joseph, I got your comments quite well and understood it, yes indeed it was there in the old days of our forefathers, but under Kamuzu was not so bad as it is now.
      Malawians to go abroad had a reason of acceptance to go through.
      There was Teba/ wennel of which Malawians were selected to work abroad, many Malawians under Banda had no dream of immigrating abroad because there was plenty and economic challenge was not like as I’m commenting right away now to you.
      Kamuzu had plan and goals to support the community as he created many economic chances to every Malawians in all three provinces.
      Malawians had no dream of leaving Mother Malawi.
      Economic and social challenges started in 1994 to Many Malawians till to date its like Aids virus.
      There is no doubt about that.
      I indicated infrastructure development plan from our elected leaders is the root cause of all these chaos.
      Through implementation not infrastructure development plan will bring more investors to our shores.
      Mining, industries are at rife in Malawi only Agricultural production companies and estates are common in Malawi, which employs seasonal employees.
      Infrastructure of Energy and Road networks are major attraction to bring any local and foreign investor to operates a smooth business and employ Malawians and pay surtax to the government which can grow our dying economy.
      I don’t see any leader from 1994 to date dreaming about this plan , its only rooting resources which can help to build infrastructure developments in Malawi
      Even Your Peter Mtalika agreed on the last years November column indicating that the problem of social economic strategy came with former leaders planning, and iyeyo, what is his opposite outcome?
      If this idea dries up inside our leaders then Malawi will be on sale 10 years coming.

  52. zoyamba kupita kutheba zayamba lero ?mmayankhula ngati mukunyera bwanji? ziko lapansi linasintha anthu mungoberekana ngati mbewa mmafuna zizikhalabe momwemo chepesani kuchindana kuti tisachulukane azimai muzulera amene abadwawo akwana. Malawi wachepa uyu ndimakumbukira 1981 population inali 6000000 nchifukwa economy inali bo magesi amakwanila ndipo ntchito sizimasowa even wa std 3 amapeza ntchito yabwino basi ndiye guyz slow down zapa FB izi

  53. Amd African Union head Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma was proposing free immigration among African countries. Imagine the influx.. hmm..

  54. Vuto ndi ma bus omwe anthu timakwela maka maka ma bus driver komanso anthu ena igwira ntchito mmenemo dyera lakula kwambiri ndiye zikawavuta pakati panjira maka pa boarder pamenepa, samalabada amakutaya ngakhale utawapasa ndalama zambiri zoti azikuthandiza munsewu. Chitsanzo ndi bus ija timati Nyamende eish mbola kwambiri, sindimaikhumbilanso ayi

    • Mr. callebu,it seems u are angry with what mr. Munthu has said but you have to know that many malawians are not educated and getting good jobs is difficult here and thats why they go to RSA. Yes…malawi is a peaceful country but lazy people choose to go to Rsa using unchartered routes. they must have proper documents and enough money if they want to get there and be slaves of that country. Lets work hard here.

    • Edson Chindege, better in terms of what? You should thank the white man for building the country called Zimbabwe, you see after chasing them you have been eating crickets to survive.

    • far better my foot , then tell ur dudes to go back to your old man’s cage if you think you are better. and you Nomics , Peace and Richness are two different things , you can be rich without peace . look at ur own home , you are Rich but there is no peace like wat we have in Makawi , every day ppo are murdered for nothing infact south afrca is the third dangerous place to liv in . dont comment as if you have sperms in you brain. and you alnod kachimanga ka maize, what do you min wen you say Lazy ppo go to south africa? have you bin n safrica or u just C SA on FB? do you knw how much and how hard ppo work here . fix ur facts before you twist them.

    • mr. Samuel i challenge you on that….you enjoy the peace yet you eat grass and cabbage its nosense…..that is a political gimmick to make you couple with poverty….china is rich but has zero crime rate….south africa has a high crime rate not because its rich but because crime is a sociological factor not due to national poverty or whatsoever. go and study sociology

    • Malawi is like jambo sale market where every trader and customer wants to gain after sale.
      Malawi politicians are like prostitutes who earn leaving like that but kills many men who plays sex with them.
      Malawians in the other hand are themselves to blame for their weakness and blinded focus on electing their leaders who to lead the.
      Wakwathu, wachigao chathu , wamtundu wakwathu has killed Malawi.
      Someone from exile, diaspora for 50 years to be your leader what do you expect?
      Poor leadership
      Non visionary plans for development
      That’s Malawi, don’t worry we were born like that.