Govt expects prisons to produce more food

Chichiri Prison

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia has projected a successful agricultural season for Malawi Prison Service (MPS) due to provision of farm inputs by government and well-wishers.

Chiumia explained that in recent years the country’s prisons were failing to harvest enough farm produce due to inadequate fertilizer and seeds.

Chichiri Prison
Chichiri Prison maize looking very green.

Government as well as well-wishers have been providing prisons with farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizer among others,” she said.

She hoped that the support which the prison service has been receiving is going to enable them to feed inmates next year.

Chiumia also said she expects that the country’s prisons will continue working hard in order to realise more farm produce.

“We will not rest until we make sure that our prisons have enough food,” she said.

12 thoughts on “Govt expects prisons to produce more food

  1. I think this government is running out of ideas now, is it true the whole Malawi we put prisoners at heart to the best producer of main grain. Very sorry,a chiumia.

  2. Mumutengenso Chaponda akabandile nawo.Pakali pano chomwe chikundinyatsa ndi kumva dzina laCHAPONDA.Munthu oipa ngati khope yake yomwe wapha amalawi,komano chodabwisa simukum’manga Y Y?.

  3. Tiyembekezere anthu ambiri kutumizidwa kundende kuti azikalima.Why not small holder farmers,? But in Malawi its hard to follow the leaders line of thought they are taking pride in overworking the prisoners.Tractors to be used were sold instead of lending them to ordinary people for more maize production.Feel ashamed of your speeches mrs minister

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