Song removed on Malawi music after topping chart

Joe Kells in red and Mad Ally in white

Honeymoon has been cut short for Chiphadzuwa, a song by the trio of Mad Alley, Joe Kellz, and C Triz following the song’s removal from last week, Malawi24 has learnt.

Released late last year, the song could not wait any longer to buzz that it started conquering major music sites in the country in the last days of 2016. Its wonders raised scam suspicion on Malawimusic[dot]com leading to the jam losing space on the site.

The song was removed from the site on 31st December, a week after it was uploaded.

This has attracted sombre reaction from Platinum Records which signed artists behind the song.

Joe Kells in red and Mad Ally in white
Joe Kells (in red) and Mad Ally (in white ) had their song song removed from the site.

In an interview with Malawi24, chief executive officer for the record label Paul Katema bemoaned removal of the song considering the effort applied in getting the song to the top.

“I made posts to promote the song and it really topped the charts on Malawi music as expected. Unfortunately, it was removed on Malawi music site the following day,” said Katema

According to, the downloads which got Chiphadzuwa to the top are not genuine hence it could not remain on the site. Their standards do not condone fake downloads to the song.

“They are saying their system detected that we are spamming downloads which I believe is not true, I have evidence of what I did to gain the downloads,” said Katema.

He provided to this publication screenshots of posts made in promoting the song on their Facebook page. The shots indicate 165, 299 people were reached which probably contributed to over 43,000 downloads on Malawi music.

Katema added that this is a sad development in the country’s music sector. He argued that this negative attitude towards up and coming artists should not be condoned if the country’s music is to improve.

When asked if they are planning any action against the gigantic music site, Katema said they are not taking this anywhere considering that has the right to remove content on their site.

On a positive note, things are all rosy at where Chiphadzuwa is enjoying massive downloads. So far it has recorded over 14 thousand downloads.

Mad Alley and Joe Kellz have been recently signed by Platinum Records. Chiphadzuwa is their first song under the record label.



  1. Names of Malawian artists like Americans. That’s mental slavery. If you are thokozani chisale you better remain that to please your parents that they did a big job raising you.

  2. I live in the U.S particularly Hawaii, I like the song so much and I got it from the same music site, why was it removed like seriously? I rate the song 4/5,

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