Mutharika stands by his ‘anointed successor’ Chaponda

George Chaponda

President Peter Mutharika has said that he will not take any action against minister of agriculture George Chaponda over the maize scam until the newly appointed commission of inquiry completes its findings.

Chaponda and CEO of Admarc Foster Mulumbe have been accused of using a company that acted as middleman when purchasing maize from Zambia in order to steal from Malawians

George Chaponda
Chaponda (left) has Mutharika’s (C) backing.

Speaking in Lilongwe during swearing in of Information Minister Nicholas Dausi, Secretary to the Office of President and Cabinet Lloyd Muhara and newly appointed commissioners for the Zambia maize probe, Mutharika said that he cannot act on allegations.

Mutharika appointed a Commission of Inquiry on Zambia Maize importation on 1st January 2017 and the Commissioners are: Retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa (Chairperson), Solicitor General Public Auditor Mr. Isaac Kayira, Dr Janet Banda and Mike Chinoko who is Secretary of the Commission.

The Commission is expected to report back by the 31st of January, 2017.

Also taking oath of office was newly appointed High Court Judge, Nyakwawa Usiwa.

President Mutharika called on all those who took oath to put the interest of Malawians first as they discharge their duties.



  1. Abakha,agalu,afiti okuba alibe nd hell with dppp,,go and govern yourselves in hell coz we are sick and tired nd corruption mukupangayo..mumatibowa koma

  2. Hi guys. I am so happy and proud of myself and I thought I should share this with you!!! Today I saw myself on TV, when I turned it off

  3. I have known Dr Chaponda since advent of multipartism. In short he served in different portfolios in the first multiparty government of Dr Muluzi from 1994 to 2004. He also served In Bingus government from 2004 until 2012. He only remained MP in parliament when madam Joyce Banda took over temporarily! Dr Chaponda assisted DPP to win back govt in 2014.
    I know Chaponda as performer, hardworking, honest, truthful, intelligent, co-operative, kind, persuasive in advancing ideas, democratic and mostly loved by his people. He is one of longest serving MPs during multiparty era! Being in government and as member of parliament since 1994, obviously he can not be without enemies. There are so many!
    I am not trying to defend him here but surely, I am against baseless accusations, mud slinging character assassination, wrong-tree-barking-up and band wagon art of hate and regionalistic mindset.
    Chaponda is a fine gentleman. He is not type of person who likes stage fights and fists to spit on enemies. He is respectful gentleman. Open and straight forward. Ready to help and employs unaggressive approach to conflict resolutions. A good listener!
    Do not hate for no reason. Better give a dog a bad name and hang him.

  4. Padziko lapasi palibe chosatha its amata of time
    Kunali mamfumu otchuka ankhaza achuma anapite nthawi yawo idzakwananso yokayankha mafuso ndi judge weniweni

  5. President Mutalika may wish to be reminded that ,power is with the Voters.People are his employers.People who are employers are not requesting muthalika But demanding him to take action against Chaponda.Listen to the will of people.You are a president bcz people put you there.Do just what people want Fire Chaponda, Period !!

  6. Aprerdant Anthu Atopa Ndi Njomba Zanu Ukathyali Inunso Musati Nyase Ngati Ma Kwayaraanuwo Anayamba Abwera Ndi Zosatira Zabwino Zomwe Mungasonye Nothing. Iya Pankhani Iyiyi Nonse Mwatibera. A C B Changokhala Chidude Mkango Opanda Mano Yes Ikukuopani Kulibwanji Akwayala Anuwo Mbutuma Zokhazokha Anamamina Ari ! ! Mukulephela Kumanga Akanyimbi Azanuwo Amene munaba Nawo 577b Inu Olo Manyazi? Nafe AMalawi Pitarayi Munamfuna Kale Timadalila Akutawoni Kuti Mwina Alankhula Pokoza Ziwonesero Asa ! ! Koma Muti Akanakhala Bigu Kapena JB Musanapange Ziwonesero? Ooo Mwina Tiopa Kuphedwa Anthu 20 Pa 20 July (y) kkkkk Bwana Mwaupeza Musachoke MPaka 2024 OlMuzibera Mashankho Ife Mtimawu Mbeee <3 ufireni. Tikukufunani Ndi Kumbwambwana Kwathuku Tinye Tinakufunani Ndipo Mube Zambiri Chifukwa Munachepesa Kuchoka Pa K110,00/kg Kufika Pa K250,00/kg Mwachepesa chikanafika K390,00

  7. Mbalame zomwera chigubu chimodzi za Dead Peoples Party ndi zomwezo.
    Kuwina mavoti mobera.
    Mbava za cash gate kudziimira
    Kutsekera kafukufuku wofufuza chuma chakulu ache a Bingu
    Palibe choti chisinthe mu utsogoleri wa Peter.
    Malawi Ali paliwiro lokutha.

  8. D problm z dat ua saving Chaponda bcoz hi z d veteran nd d corner-ston 2ua late brother’s party nd 4geting d majority who took u zea Mr president

  9. Commission of inquiry has never worked in malawi.they just want to cooldown d temper of malawians.zimatha choncho it will take 5 yrs to complete the so called inquiry.God is watching u Mr President…

  10. Mbava zokha zokha izi aMalawi akumudzi amapusa ndi dzimajekete zatovalidwazo osadziwa kuti ndi ndalama zawo zomwe.

  11. This is what God said of our leaders in Deuteronomy 17:17 “neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.”. Tizaonana mu 2019.

  12. He is right, any person who judges aperson thru hearings is stupid than afool. Let the commissioner of inquiry do his best

  13. Zachamba ife ayi akuyesa ngati akuyendetsa moest ndi dzikotu ili asamale something is around the corner paja mumayamba ndi mkutu eish!

  14. How can they come wt finding while someone is there to infrige them stop fuling Malawian we know udont care about malawi just make us idiot the way uwant oneday is oneday

  15. I feel sorry for my beloved DPP, Chaponda is a selfish politician who has nothing to offer to poor Malawians. Mr President the future of this country and our party lies in these young vibrant learders around u, not these old woods. If u continue putting all ur trust on them, the worst iz to come.

  16. ,,,,ITS A SHAME THAT SOME Malawians HAVE FAITH In the commission of inquiry,,the commission z a scape goat to cover the truth,and it won’t bring In anything closer to the truth, we shud get a lesson from history the government will do anything to protect all the pple involved in scandal,and if thy was wrongdoing why do we need a commission of inquiry, unless it wants to protect Peter’s toys it makes sense otherwise a President nawonso adadyopa and akudziwa kanthu,,

  17. Chaponda is bigger than Malawi !! Ndiliti tinayamba kuzunzika ndi a Chaponda? He is a manipulator and perpetrator everybody knows tht let him swim for the last afa ameneyo this is 2017

  18. bearing in mind that this people are tribes men and too close to each other they all talk blue. i don’t see the president betraying his counterpart . it will also go the drains like the case of chasowa , matafale, njaunju and many other cases under the carpet.

  19. mr President more fire let the truth set us free GP is innocent unless the commision find something fishy then if u want you can fire him

  20. What did you expect feeble minded Malawians? APM & Chaponda are just two faces of the same seven headed dragon

  21. What do you want find? The scam that is starving people happened under his nose . whether he is involved directly or not is a different case . how blind is the president

  22. There is a sayng that says “dont judge a book by its cover but look wats insayd first” so we must not point out fighers to each untle the true evidence cames well done mr president

  23. even kukhothi ma judge akamaweruza mirandu samangoweruza chifukwa cha mpekesera ayi koma pokhapokha papezeka umboni owona. the president is nt wrong on his decision ofuna zachangunu ndiye mufuna zanu osat chilungamo. keep it up mr president!!!

    1. palibe akukana tikunena kut munthu amapezeka olakwa umboni ukapezeka of which thats y akhazikitsa comitte kut ifufuze coz nw akungoganizira. i did nt mention any party on my coment i blv so ur dpp or wat soever party u cn mention doesnt contribute anythng on my comment. be professional nt political thats wen u can becom a good judge. antil proven guity is wen u brought judgement of which thats what the president has said kut until ma rusults a comitte yomwe ayikhazikitsa kut ifufuze atatuluka thats when he can say on this mata. kaya inu mwava bwanji abwana?

    2. What people are saying is not to sack Chaponda but suspend him for smooth investigations. He will come back to his position once proven innocent. Mwamva???

  24. Mr President i think the best way is to late him Mr Chaponda to stepdown after the enqiury if he is clean you can bring him back in cabinet, coz you should put the welfare of your voters and of your pple first, Buluzi wa eazy eazy anapanidwa ndi chiseko.

  25. bola munakapanga dilu ndi stationery koma chakudya cholera mtundu wamalawi?mwasiyana pati ndi idi amin, amalawi ndife ogona when are we going to show these people that its the electorate that put them to power?we can demostrate za u gay but not a serious issue like this one?something is wrong with us malawians palibe wamoyo dziko lonse ndife openga anthu abwino ndamene alimu cabinet akutibelawo.

    1. Well said bro, bola aziba kwina kosafunikila kwambiri. Koma mpaka chimanga then akufunanso amalawi oberedwawo abweze ndalamayo by kudulitsa chimanga. This is terribly bad.

    2. Hmm I thought Chaponda was right by defending the price of maize at K12,500! No what he did is that we should pay back the money he had Stolen through over pricing!!! He is Clever, a Deal and professional…

  26. First things first…let’s be patient. The commission of inquiry will surely bring results. Let’s wait until then,otherwise calling for the resignation of Chaponda is premature at this stage.

    1. Nde ndi chifukwa chiyani this same president sent on forced leave the executive of MEC? Mayesa anatero to pave way for smooth enquiry? What is so special about Chaponda and his Admarc friend? Anyway, enquiry yeni yeni ndi ya Agriculture Committee of Parliament. Iyo ya DPP yo ndi yopanda ntchito.

    2. Do you know the functions of these two? We can do without MEC but the minister is there to advise the president on policy issues

  27. The lightening that will strike them both will have the doctors’ instructions on it ‘ once in the morning twice in the afternoon and three times in the evening’

  28. vuto anthu akumipando onse ndi masataniki amachita zopusa magazi anthu awalowa maso samaganizila za mtundu wamalawi kuti ndi amene anaika pampando

  29. Chaponda needs to be suspended with immediate effect to allow smooth enquiry on this scandal. “As much as i can appreciate the appointment of this commission, but i wonder why is it that the State President is shielding a wrong smelling doer”??? note that this is a sensitive national scandal which needs to be handled in a proffesional way otherwise our President is hazy and incivility. (we dont compromise with food). this is more than a war crime!!!.

  30. In all fairness APM has to act after the findings of the inquiry have been released. The challenge is the transparency and legitimacy in the execution of the task

  31. low thinking capacity what kindnes do u hav?Don’t u see that he’s damanging your image?Pitala wazelezeka chaponda wakudyetsa khwakhwananda za ziii nkhan ya straight no need for a comission kupusaa eti

    1. Ben,what are duties of ACB? is there any need to establish a comission while ACB is already in?we had hav so many inquiries of the death of matafale,chasowa,njaunju ACB deputy boss is there any results?mitsokho yathu ionongeka

    2. Kkkkkk kumbwambwana awa munthu apange action ndi mpheketsera?nanga zitakhala kuti wapedzeka osalakwa chonsecho atamuchotsa kale munena kuti chani ?utsogoleritu umafunika kudekha phuma limaonongetsa zinthu ngati uli mtima wa jerous muphurika chaka chake mchino

    3. Pasadi,its not a matter of firing Chaponda no establishing a commision while ACB is there to investgate all corruption cases does that make sense?akomishonio si aulele atenganso mitsonkho yathu

    4. Friends! Amene mukuvomereza za investigations ndili nanu funso mundiyankhe, kodi mumafufuza munthu mu office akugwilabe ntchito? Umboni weniweni mungaupeze? I though pitalayu amayenera kuwapatsa suspension kenaka nkutenga ofufuzawo alowepo? Simukudziwa atha kusokoneza ma documents ena momwe ali mu office?. Ndikuona phindu la acommission… Kungowonjezera kuononga ndalama za boma uku

    5. Kan Simuziwa Kuti Pitara Adyapo Ndalama Pamenepa? Commision Yachiyan Mwina Peturo Sanabe Nawo Ya Chimangayo Ndiye Ntima Ukumpweteka Akufuna Abenso Kuzera Mtima Inkwayara Mwakemo J B Samanyengelela Anamanga Lutepo Mwansanga Koma Phalala Ili Nde Mmm kaya 😀 kkkkkkkkkkk

  32. Let him stand on his side, they’ll surely go down together. Obviously, the day is coming when all this will head to the rock.

  33. That is manship and quality leadership that earns someone more fate than success.We still appreciate that poverty is part of life in Malawi.If everyone can be well to do difference will not be noticed.KEEP IT UP mr president mukukwana man

    1. Du u reason enough? Hu has mentioned mcp? Kumaganiza bfo respondng to anybody’s views apa mpafb aliyese amakhala ndmaganizo ake no matter kut iwe ndwe wadpp as long as av seen a weakness av to say wat i feel

    1. Moya ndiye kuti chani umafuna azikugulira chakudya pakhomo pako ngati ndi adadi ako ukati usazilimbikile paiwe wekha unya uyenda matako patunda athu akuonela zako izo

    2. #Raphael, nkhani ili apa ndiyakuti amoya anu amihavani chaponda ndi uyu pitala akuti Ana ndalama za amalawi za admarc ndiye pitala kuti aichose mbava chaponda akut satero akudikira commission of enquiry. Anthu akudandaula za ndalama zawo zobedwa

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