Malawians cause their own poverty by staying silent


A political analyst has faulted Malawians for not taking action on the challenges that have rocked the country.

The analyst, Emily Mkamanga, has argued that Malawians have to be blamed for not standing up against the social- economic woes that the country sailed through in the year 2016.

Mkamanga argued that Malawians have failed to make use of their power and take authorities to task when they failed in their duties.

Emily Mkamanga,
Emily Mkamanga, argues authorities are not being taken to task.

“I don’t know the problem with Malawi, whenever they are some issues and we have been asked to take action, we don’t take part and some think the activists are just bitter with the government” said Mkamanga.

Concurring with Mkamanga, human rights activist Billy Mayaya added that the hiccups that have hit the nation are due to citizens’ tolerance of their abuse.

He cited electricity blackouts and water shortages to have been among the challenges that Malawians kept quiet on, despite their heavy toll on peoples’ lives in 2016.

Mayaya reminded citizens in the country that taking action towards improving the nation is a constitutional right.

However some Malawians have argued that they have opted to suffer in silence as memories of the 2011 demonstrations keep on coming into their minds.

2016 was marked as the year of history for the generations to come as people witnessed the worst of power failures without taking action, with taps failing to provide water.

High inflation rate and unemployment were also some challenges that Malawians endured in the year 2016 with corruption continuing to raise a flag on the world map for Malawi.



  1. Who is good ? From kamuzu to peter all bad? I dont know even if you put chakwera you will start your shit.

  2. Don’t expect that a political party, President, even your father they can end poverty, never. Umphawi/kapena mavuto munthu wa moyo sizingamuthere, kuthana nadzo zimenezi pokhapokha utatsiya kupuma. Musazanamizidwe mavuto kapena umphawi sizimatha koma zimangopunguka, chifukwa chani ndanena idzi munthu ukakhala ndi njinga umalakalakanso uli ndi galimoto. Just trying to be better than before (get rich or die trying.)

  3. No country on earth is better… If it’s not poverty then it’s terrorism or war….God is the only leader that doesn’t disappoint

  4. I think somehow the statement makes sense. We are realy too polite. We dont recognise public values, we are gud @talking bt acting upon such challenges our weaked minds denies the such efforts.

  5. Suzgo ndimwe wa Pac. Tikama kwenya chipani chomwe,chikumalamula Boma,chipanicho chimayamba kuti opyeza ndikuti ombera,inu mukuonela mutabisala kunja. Kkkk. Bora J. Zuma pa R S A. Akundisunga bwino,,ngakhale amkwenyedwa dairy,,sakwiya,sadanda,sakupha,,koma Mw,,eish!

  6. We are foolish indeed those who can help us to make noise are corrupted to the big men is CSO are dozing in a broad day bans pa singo khale

  7. Malawi now is no longer a better place to survive For the poor people,Malawi is no longer awarm heart of Africa but a hot heart of Africa

  8. We create povery by choosing wrong people, some presidents we know nothing about their background. Nanga tinganene kut alipo ankamudziwa APM apart frm his late brother?

  9. We create povery by choosing wrong people, some presidents we know nothing about their background. Nanga tinganene kut alipo ankamudziwa APM apart frm his late brother?

  10. We create povery by choosing wrong people, some presidents we know nothing about their background. Nanga tinganene kut alipo ankamudziwa APM apart frm his late brother?

  11. If u speak out they will manufacture criminal charges against u like what they did with Lucius Banda. Politics in Malawi is a silent war. They use police and army to silence pple . freedom of speech is just a right which is prohibited. Even if u speak, u are just talking to deaf pple .

  12. I think Malawians are aware to wht is happening in the country. Politics is a deadly game.

    Hw many Malawians lost their lives since Chilembwe’s uprising, Dr Banda’s emergency and the coming in of so called democratic leaders? Murder- murder- murder everywhere, every party, every leader.

    Mind you politics is not christianity. Its like going to war. You can kill or you might be killed. So who want to be killed? We are not trained yet

  13. Ife a Malawi Dyela that’s y all these things are happening cos akuona where things go bad koma akawapasa 2 million basi phee anthu 20 million kumavutika so Malawi siizatheka ukapitikiza akuti treason kaya tizapulumukila kuti

  14. Of course yes! i totally 100% agree: We (Malawians) know who are stealing our tax-payers money but we normally choose to remain silent because of politics. How do you think this malpractice can stop? According to my own ponderation, if the majority of us rise against these thieves who wear the masks of innocence when entering in the government, i think this habit can stop. Tikamakomedwa nditindalama tochepa totipasa andale pamene iwowo akumatenga ‘lion’s share’. We are indeed creating our our own poverty by remaining silent

  15. Yes! We Malawians fear of shading blood for betterment of our nation. No country in the world is flowing milk & honey without shading blood. Look at our MDF soldiers, very in mind, protecting pple who are torturing their relatives. What has happened to their colleague is a wake up call to the rest.

  16. T b honest some hw we do. F t was in some other countries thy wud b kickin out some of these bad politicians n corrupt leaders- for example wat thy did in south korea

  17. Eya kwambiri, chifukwa iwo akulimbikila kusankha atsogoleri ongokhumba kudzikundikila chuma pa iwo okha komaso mbava zitukula bwanji dziko? Pamene anthu amaso mphenya akuwaona kuti ndi awooo koma sakufuna kuwasankha eeish zochita kukhoza izi

  18. Ntchito za amalawi ndi ziwiri: 1. Kuvotera mbava kuti zilowe m’boma. 2. Kulipira msonkho. Zonsezi ndi umbuli, umphawi, kudzikonda akuti bola ine zikuyenda komanso wakwathu syndrome even if azilakwitsa

  19. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Him the analyst is he including himself or he is a foreigner? All elected positions represents people/Malawians so when s/he speaks, Malawians speaks too

    1. I agree to disagree with u partially. Is it true that Malawians don’t speak there minds when something arose? Or else s/h trying to say Malawians don’t sparkle fire when something go wrong?

    2. If u choose to disagree its ur fridom provided u know the truth, who can buy that maiz at dat exobitant price as if it is 4m mexco use ur reasoning not thinkin!

    3. The thing it’s not about the maize price or the status of affairs, it’s about airing out our minds, don’t we? If our leaders don’t listen to citizens views it doesn’t mean the citizens don’t air out their minds, that’s what the analyst is trying to imply and that’s my argument. Who can support the maize price @K12,500 nor the economic hardships we are experiencing? Sometimes we fail to hit the nail nor combat the problems because of the way we are treating it. To me bwana Folias the analyst has goofed just as the current administration, because instead of blaming the leadership s/he is accusing Malawians that we don’t speak our minds. The problem we have is that we think whatever comes from the opposition analyst inclusive is right, but believe you me some bring factless points.

  20. The thing is, nothing can happen even if one talks louder than his/her natural Voice against the corrupt elite in Government. By the way, how many (and where are they now) elite who have been so vocal and rebuked the government of its (governments) abusive powers?
    Where is the silenced Undule, Chinsinga, Kabwila, just to mention a few, who have been the voice of the voiceless?
    Do you think the government can listen to the wailing voice of the peasant farmer? You don’t know politics my friend.

  21. We have our leaders representing us in parliament, if they only care about themselves, what can we do apart from waiting to vote them out during Elections.

    African politics it’s dirty, full of selfish leaders who doesn’t care about their people apart from themselves.

    So people can’t risk their lives demonstrate cause most of the times comes with violence.

  22. Eeeeee! Mupolisi wa pa malawi sawomba rubber bullet. It’s real lethal live chipolopolo. Ofuna kusiya kudya zitete ndani?

  23. the problem is ,the organisers of demos are all cowards , they just say thing and then go to hide , waiting for others to take actions . Even the opposition parties are all corwads . we need patriotism and bravisim in Malawi like Mandela . onse amawopa ndende so what do you expect from common ppo??

  24. This regime is the same like that of Kamuzu. People are not free to express their rights. The only difference is that they are hidding under the democratic umbulera

  25. But these sluts in government are cold blooded killers, that’s why some people keep silence. There is no freedom in Malawi. Remember some people were caught just for chatting on whstsaap.

  26. Malawians ar characterised by being silent evn when they ar in whelming troubles ,for example here in Joburg they can work for small money evn if it iz not enough to bail them out of daily basics.Yes boss is their right answer

  27. He is true but the devils who are leading dont want citizens voice the suffering. Just think about how they treated Billy Mayaya when he wanted to organise peaceful demos about blackouts. It was like its only at Mayaya’s residence where there was no electricity. We have no idea how to hold leaders accountable. what we think is TIDZAONANA PAMAVOTI. We vote once in 5yrs and prefer suffering after voting. Mindset problem

  28. usakhale ngati wabadwa lero, ukuziwa mmene pamaonekera panja amanga shoprite??? umphawi akanamaliza anali a mcp chifukwa analamula 30 years, ndie enawa sangakwanise,or titaika leaders ena lero.

  29. Malawi is not free ,look at the courts now they r just granting injunctions to prevent the truth from coming out is this democracy? The truth is malawi is not free these leaders who r in power r dictators

  30. Vuto ndi ma organisers a ma demo. Lero mutiuza zina kenako nokhanokha mumagawikana. Ndiye mumati anthu atsatire chiti? Timaina ngati you just do it for the sake of seeking money from the top, not for Malawians sake

  31. Which action is he talking abt?
    Hw many demos hav been on the ground and wat changes Malawians hav experienced?
    Don’t fool up the poor pple to act on ur behalf, u dudes.

  32. Its not malawians who cauz povaty but its climate change.same of us we are not depend on gvment but we r depend on y you r talking bu-shit?

  33. But much as you say Malawians cause their own poverty remember that yourself, you are Malawian and you have responsibility and right to do some thing to bring change of poverty

  34. stupid agaru aanthu inu asogoleli opanda pake mimba lende mwatikwana malo mokonza zinthu inu mukuonjezera ziphsinjo, sikuti tili chete tikuyang’ana ndi chidwi apusi inu siku likubwera mzalapa!

  35. ai, anthu amanena kudzera mumabungwe ndi nyumba ya malamulo kungoti there is a sydrome of ” i dont care ” by our government

  36. Zomwezo zoti after Demo anakonza akulandira maudindo munthu wamba amaguba atampatsa botolo lafanta kumsiya padzuwa fotsek

  37. I totally agree. Malawians choose to suffer in silence, it’s high time we stood and fight for our rights. Wakeup guys!

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