Court moves to crime scene in MCP’s Councillor rape case


The Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Mzuzu on Thursday moved to Lusangazi Lodge where it is alleged that Councillor for Chibanja ward Charles Mlogera accommodated three teenage girls and thereafter took turns in defiling them on the night of October 8 this year.

Charles Mlogera

Charles Mlogera : His case continues in court.

Deputy Police public relations officer Cecilia Mfune said: “the victims narrated to the court how the suspect, who was present at the scene, drove his vehicle to the lodge in company of the girls and the actual place where he parked his car”.

“They also showed the court the room and the bed where the offence is alleged to have been committed,” said Mfune.

Chief Resident Magistrate Major Mbewe has since adjourned the case to January 20, 2017 for ruling on whether Mlogera has a case to answer.

Mlogera, 33, from Kanjati Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kwataine in Ntcheu District is being accused of defiling three girls of 15 years of age.

The victims reported to Mzuzu Police Station that the suspect defiled them during the night of October 8, 2016 at Lusangazi lodge within Mzuzu city.

Meanwhile Mlogera is out on court bail which was granted by Mzuzu High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise 3 weeks ago.

Mlogera is a councilor for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).



  1. The lodge mentioned in this article is right beside the police road-block at Lusangazi, about 7 km outside Mzuzu. . If the Malawi media got off its collective arse and went there it could ask around and add some flesh to this bare-bones article. Questions to be asked would be:

    –> The car with the three girls in it must have been allowed through the road block by the police. Why did the police not question the councillor to ask him what he was doing with them, especially when they saw him head into the lodge? (In 2014 a school girl from Marymount was rescued by the police from a similar experience when they stopped an old man from taking her from the road block into the lodge.)

    –> Why did the staff at the lodge allow the councillor to take the three girls into a private room? RUMOUR has it that the lodge owner has been investigated for this, taken to court, and fined.

    The media should also identify the drinking joint where the girls were plied with alcohol. It should ask the authorities to prosecute whoever was responsible for illegally serving booze to the under age customers.

  2. kodi inu mukuti ku lodge????? hahaha….ana mukuti ma teenage wo….amataniko ku Lodge midnight ndi bwana MP??????wat i know M.P samagwililira….aliyese amanyenga koma zomayalusana chifukwa cha zifukwa za ndale nde tikhalila kuphana tokhatokha….za pa nyoooooooo 100&99% close to 200%……

  3. Is this the case of rape or defilement?….3 girls were raped at the same time, how could that be possible? How old are those girls that couldn’t runaway?…..the acusation is questionable!

    • Akalakwitsa kumangowayang’ana, osalankhula kalikonse chifukwa choti imapeleka ntheng’eneng’e kuboma ndizomwe ukutanthauza? Udikire ikazalowa m’boma, izatseka ma court onse anthu akalakwirana azidzangonkhala osapita kukadandaula kulikonseko. Koma pano uyembekezere kumva zimenezi, ndiye udziwe kuti lamulo likugwira ntchito kaya alamula kuti amangidwe tsiku limodzi koma wamangidwa basi.

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