Chinese national arrested over ivory at KIA

Nan Zhuang

Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe on Thursday arrested a 31 year-old Chinese national over illegal possession of Ivory.

The Chinese man was found with ivory weighing 114 grams and valued at MK159, 000.

KIA Police spokesperson Sapulain Chitonde has identified the man as Nan Zhuang who was holding a passport number E82925997.

Nan Zhuang
Nan Zhuang: Nabbed!! (Ivory in white)

The suspect attempted to export the ivory to China through Ethiopian Airways but the bag was intercepted around noon at the Wrap and Go Machine in the passenger’s forward lounge as the police officer manning the spot physically searched the suspect’s bag.

“The suspect admitted carrying the ivory which looked like five plates of used soap tablets,” Chitonde said. Zhuang also claimed that the bag belonged to a friend. He claimed that he packed the luggage without checking the contents inside and was shocked when police found concealed plates of game trophies (ivory),” Chitonde told Malawi24.

Nan’s arrest comes immediately after the successful completion of training by the 22 new Police Officers at KIA who have been oriented in Aviation Securities.

Illegal possession and importation of game trophy (ivory) is contrary to section 86 and 98 (b) of the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 2004 as read with section 111 of the same, which prohibits exportation of specimen of protected species.



  1. Please judges judge him nice atleast 30yrs in prison bcos our ppo when done this case you let them roten in prison…but problem too much corruption you will going to release him now malawi kukondera kobasi

    1. Yes my friend there is legal possession, the law gives a room for example responsible officers may be assigned to keep or look after it by management and with interest of the government to keep it safe and secured that means legal possession, I believe so because you cannot charge them they are legally possessing it

  2. Ndende anamangiratu anthu osauka, nkhani ya ameneyu simuziwa momwe itathere, bora mwava kuti wina wangwidwa basi. Kutakhala kutheba kuno nkhani zakeso just the same. Tangoyembekezerani zosatira basi

  3. Please just let this person go.Our new stadium will be sold to another coutry by the Chinese.They are take it for grated as a bait to rob us of our resources.,May be the mafias were behind the deal.

  4. koma alandire chilango choyenela osat poti ndi foreigner koma kukhala Mmalawi kundende zaka phwi, chilungamo chiyende ngat madzi

  5. These Chinese guys r destroying our Africa where is he getting from that ivory? These Chinese they must also start making original things not the fuck that they r making now

  6. Mukuwamanga mmati akudzatani kuno?asiyeni mmesa akumangilani stadium,parliament etc ………..munthu ukapange ubale ndi china…mistake!!!

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