Cassim Chilumpha denies forming new party


Malawi’s former vice president Cassim Chilumpha has dismissed speculations that he is planning to form his own political party to contest in the coming 2019 general elections.

Chilumpha: Denies forming a party.

Speaking to a local radio station, Chilumpha said he does not know where all the rumours are coming from because he has done his part in politics and now he has better things to do than forming a new party.

In his words, the former second citizen clearly said that there is no one who can form a party in secret in Malawi and if he had those plans he would have held a press conference to let Malawians know about the new development instead of hiding it.

He further advised Malawians that they should not listen to anyone who will tell them that the former vice president is leading a new party in the country for he is not aware of that and currently not in active politics.

Chilumpha served as vice president of Republic of Malawi during the first term of late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

But he did not enjoy his term as vice president as he was under house arrest after being accused of conspiring with others to kill Mutharika.



  1. Koma.bushiri sazapikisana nawo?timammfuna kuno.olo asafune kukhala president koma. tizingompasabe ulemu koma not bwampini

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