Dausi sings ‘Magnificat’ as Ndau is fired from information ministry

Nicholas Dausi

Nicholas Dausi says he will be singing a song by Blessed Virgin Mary popularly known as ‘magnificat’ following his appointment as Minister of Information and Communication Technology Dausi who until his appointment was the boss for the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) could not hide his joy as he received the news of his appointment.

Dausi: ‘My heart glorifies the Lord’.

“I just feel to say the Marian prayer, a prayer that mother Mary said when the angel delivered a message that she is to be blessed with a child we call it the ‘magnificat’, my heart thanks God for taking to what I am,” said Dausi while expressing Joy.

Dausi further disclosed that he is to bring a change to the ministry, sentiments that have been taken as a reason why President Peter Mutharika has been hiring and firing different individuals at the ministry.

The axed minister Malison Ndau has since disclosed that his chop is not connected to the recent enactment of Access to Information Bill as some quarters have debated.

Ndau further expressed gratitude to Mutharika for hiring him as the information minister.

“First of all let me say that to be a minister and a Member of Parliament, these are two different things, when you are a Member of Parliament you are assured of five years while when you are a minister you are not assured of how long you are to be the minister, I knew that one day I will not be a minister,” said Ndau.

He remains the only member that has been shown the exit door in Mutharika’s 20 member cabinet.