Amuna Misso jumps on traditional beat with Undibelekere Mwana star


Having made noise with Islamic Swag, Amuna Misso is back with a festive season anthem titled Akalasimeti in collaboration with Zomba based singer cum producer Postnegative of Terminal Family.

Misso throwing the game beyond reach.

Produced by Postnegative through Terminalz lab records, Akalasimeti will be released on Boxing Day, 26th of December.

Amuna Misso has made it a tradition to be dropping songs on 26th of any month.

“The song will be out on 26 December, as I only love to drop my songs on 26 any month. Islamic swag was released on 26th March, my birthday,” said Misso yesterday.

The traditional hit is love oriented with an appetizing theme in the category. It’s all about a boy struggling to win a girl of his dreams during early stages of primary school.

“The boy is forced to take food in a container so as to please the girl and in turn increase his chances of winning her. He goes on to buy her pencils and notebooks but to no avail,” said Misso.

Talk of the drama, entertainment, and skills, they are all in abundance, in this piece of art. With a hunger-inciting African drum on the lead, the diversity in the song is more than what the ear can handle but quite satisfactory to the heart.

Postnegative the Undiberekere Mwana hitmaker has this year made headlines with unique approach to the art.

This year he has among other top artists worked with hip hop star Krayzie G. Being from a city that is yet to make a name in local urban music, he is considered the ambassador for Zomba. Save the date, Akalasimeti is hooting from nearby.

It is currently going through final phases of editing by Zomba’s ambassador.



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