BCC to meet garden owners over court ruling


The Blantyre City Council (BCC) says it is ready to meet garden owners to discuss the way forward following the high court ruling that the council can ban weddings and other ceremonies in residential areas.

This was said by the council’s public relations officer Anthony Kasunda following the high court’s ruling that has given power to the council to stop anyone from hosting public events in residential areas.

Anthony Kasunda

Kasunda : Has confirmed of the news.

Kasunda said any day this week the council will meet the owners of these places to agree on the consequences of the failure to comply to the court’s rule.

“We will formally write to the owners of these places so that we can sit down as two parties to highlight on the effect of trying to decline the city’s action,” said Kasunda.

Responding on the penalties that the council has put in place to give to those who will not abide by the city’s say, Kasunda said the council is set to take away the sound equipment used to disturb the people’s peace in residential areas of the city.

He added that the council has employed particular people responsible for moving around to make sure that no one conducts any event in the locations.

The council has warned that those found conducting events such as parties, weddings or engagement ceremonies in residential areas will have their equipment confiscated and will pay a fine to have them back.

This is the second strategy after the city also introduced another way of chasing vendors selling things along the city’s streets.



  1. In as much as i know that only court has got all that powers to pass such judgement koma pena zikumaonjeza kodi a Bcc akumakhala ndi mphamvu zambiri chonchi bwanji? Some times they do act as if they were not born in mw. vry heartless kulanda malonda awathu osauka kumakadya manyumba mwawo salekezanso pomwepo amamumangitsaso wosaukayo so sad chifukwa mukuzuza komanso kudyela zina la anthu omwe alibe wowamenyela nkhondo.

  2. If the weddings are baned in residential areas, then all the bars, political rallies and churches should be baned aswell, bcauase they make worse noise than those of the weddings.

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