Politicians advised to focus on development


Politicians in the country have been advised to talk about things that will help in the development of Malawi.

Political analyst Mustafa Hussein said this following leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera’s recent remarks that Mutharika is a failure who is refusing to take responsibility.

The Chancellor College based analyst advised politicians to be sensitive in their speeches because sometimes what they say does not contribute to the development of the nation.

Mustafa Hussein

Mustafa Hussein: We need change.

“Political leaders should be sensitive in what they say because people follow whatever they say, so they should talk things that have a positive impact on the mind and development of the country,” said Hussein

Meanwhile various men of God in the country have asked Chakwera to apologize to Malawians for what he said during the press conference in Lilongwe.

At the press briefing last week, Chakwera said Mutharika should not be allowed to continue ruling Malawi after 2019 because he has shown that he cannot resolve the country’s challenges.

“Every Malawian knows that the country is not failing because of challenges but because of failures. And most of those are failures of leadership,” said Chakwera.



  1. koma Malawi ndi chitukuko kaya mpaka Mwini dzikoli adzabwera ndalama zambiri koma kukanika kutsogolera dziko . kadziko kochepa ngati aka olo chiwelengelo cha anthu osaposa mzinda wa Lagos koma wachuluka ndi umbuli umeme uli pakati pa anthu amene amati ndi ophunzira ku maiko anzanthu malawi ulingati munda wamunthu mmodzi koma amakwanitsa kuyang’anira .mukabera chisankho tayendetsani dziko osati kampeni , kuba ndalama kutsogoza ndale zonukha , linali dziko ili lero akuti anthu aphunzira kaya mumaphunzira chiani Malawi olo mfumu chinsapo akhoza kuyendetsa osati ndale nthawi iliyonse kadziko kakang’ono ngati aka ma mp 193 tawonani SA kapena Zambia

  2. The isue has come because of Chakwera, why not advise our president and his people to focus on development isues instead of wasting his time and energy to exchange words with these opposition leaders, and journalists from the private medias. As a leader you must always be petience when doing things, its not everything u must answer, you must ignore some of these things and focus on something important to your people, thats how we shame the devil!

  3. There no need of appology for wat chakwela is right petela has failed to change our nation which man of God doesn’t think about how people r suffering under petela leadership no vote for him on 2019

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