Three people resurrect from the dead in Kasungu


There was commotion in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu on Thursday when angry villagers bayed for a teacher’s blood after three people who have come back from the dead claimed that he killed them.

Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Police Station Edna Mzingwitsa identified the teacher as James Tonga who teaches at a primary school in the area.

Mzingwitsa said the three people – two women and a man – who died in the area over the past two years came back to the village and claimed that they did not die but were taken by Tonga to work for him.

She said that the allegations started earlier in October 2016 after a woman who was killed by a mysterious lightening in 2014 resurrected. The woman who has been identified as Natchuma aged 29 of Sandulizeni village from the same area went back to her home alive and claimed that she was working for Tonga.

A month later in November a man and another woman who also died mysteriously also resurrected and told people that they were working for Tonga.

The accusations angered the residents and they decided to kill the teacher and demolish his   house.

But police intervened in good time and dispersed the mob before arresting Tonga.

Meanwhile, police investigations are still underway.



  1. Kodi iwe adm, munthu akafa amadzuka? Unapita kumandako nkuona kuti nthumbira zawo zili pululu? Imeneyo ndimizukwa. Ukaphunzirenso bwino utolankhani

  2. Hey! It seems that this act is common in Kasungu, Ntchisi, Mchinji as we read here. So why claiming that there are no witches????

  3. bad indeed the police and soidiers were from cafe kasungu were there msika unasokonekera heavy kk nde pakhomo amasunga ma galimoto oonongeka angapo eti achotsapo akut ndi ma bokosi kkkk ziliko eeeeee

  4. This news consist element of witchcract.iam urging all those who defend that there is no witchcraft they should go to this area and investigate what this matter is all about