Government making strides to promote girls’ education


The Malawi Government says it is making strides to make sure that girls’ education is being promoted in the country.

Minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare Jean Kalilani made the remarks in Mulanje where she handed over a females’ hostel at Mulanje vocational training center for the blind.

Jean Kalilani

Jean Kalilani: We need more efforts.

Kalilani said such hostels will help to bridge the gap between boys and girls on issues of education.

“My ministry would like to ensure that girls’ education is being promoted and such facilities like hostels can improve girls’ education,” said Kalilani.

She added that both boys and girls should have quality education and such hostels will increase the number of girls attending classes.

She further said girls face hardships when they move from home to school everyday and hostels help to keep girls in school.

Previous reports have shown that young girls fail to attend classes daily due to long distances as well as poverty which leads to them getting married early so that they reduce the burden from parents.



  1. I believe the brilliant Kalilani we know have been deployed to a wrong ministry no wonder her speech resemble to that of His Lordship Bishop Mtumbuka when he handed over a full Girls Secondary School and not a hostel,hopefuly the welfare of the teachers is more important than a mare hostel.

  2. ironic when high dropouts are equally registered due prohibitive fee hikes in rural and squatter areas in towns.More needs to be done.

  3. Shame on you by saying promoting girls education… Do u need only girls to do well at school.?if so u are just much waisting your time and u MST knw that no matter what ,boys(men)ll always be hero’s…. God created Adam first before Eva….hope u knw what I mean…just try to encourage both boys and girls to work hard and avoid immoral doing so,our country ll be great.

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