Malawi’s internet use remain poor – Report


Despite the world being in a technology era whereby the use of internet has been at an advanced stage, many Malawians are still failing to access the internet.

The report, Freedom on the Net 2016 released by American based think tank Freedom House, has described Malawians’ internet use to be partly fair due to obstacles blocking the strides of internet use.

Among the reasons preventing many Malawians from accessing the web include unprecedented inflation and currency depreciation that is fueling economic instability.


Internet usage remains poor in Malawi (Google image)

The report further points on poverty to be a factor pushing back the country on steps to achieve fair internet use in Malawi.

“According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), internet penetration stood at 9 percent in 2015, up from 6 percent in in 2014. Fixed broadband subscriptions are extremely rare. Mobile phone penetration is also low at 35 percent, compared to an average of 76.2 percent across the continent,” reads part of the report.

A previous study titled by Akamai ‘State of the internet’ noted that Malawi’s connection speeds are frustratingly slow, decreasing to an average of 1.7 Mbps from 1.9 Mbps a year prior, compared to a global average of 6.3 Mbps.

The Freedom House report also placed doubts on the county’s sole communication regulator Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority’s (MACRA) independence arguing that it is controlled by politicians, a development that is making the nation to remain stuck in achieving fair use of the net.

On Malawians’ freedom to use the net, the report noted that citizens are fairly free to do so though there are cases of state interference, citing the arrest of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials over a WhatsApp conversation.



  1. Data bundles are very expensive. Yes, we have a problem with power, but this should not be an excuse to the poor internet services. The black out is affecting Africa as a whole, not Malawi alone.

  2. We are content, being the poorest country in the world and all that. We are even surprised that we have internet access in Malawi.

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  5. How do you expect us to acces internet when we don’t have an access of electricity?……..poor network, expessive internet bundles, Airtime everything is poor, so never expect us to progress!

  6. Malawi has engineers, technicians and information technology experts but they can’t come together to improve technology and invent something for Internet, only they meet in a pub drinking. They are just lazy and corrupt and the poor are hard workers in Malawi. Pathetic.

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