Kabwila refuses to appear before MCP’s disciplinary hearing

Jessie Kabwila

Suspended Malawi Congress Party (MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila is yet to appear before the Party’s disciplinary committee to hear her side of a story on the allegations leveled against her.

Kabwila was suspended in the Party two months ago together with lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema for allegedly having a hand in the botched torching of the MCP’s headquarters in the capital Lilongwe by unknown thugs.

Last month the Party asked the two to appear before the disciplinary committee for hear but Kabwila turned down the invitation, saying the invitation was not formal since she was invited through phone.

Although this was the case with Kabwila, Njobvuyalema honoured the invitation and he appeared for the disciplinary committee.



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  3. If the party has exhausted all means to reconcile with Kabwila and it has failed. Leave her alone. Let her remain in the cold. The party will not die because of one person or two. MCP is greater than one one man or woman. In 2019 she should contest as an indipendent in her area. If she succeeds well and good for her. But she should not be allowed to disorient the party at this point in time

  4. What type of journalism is this? kabwila will face displinaly committee you know that coz she has been saying this in radios – u want to attract peoples attention admin by lying

  5. Fed up with her. She must be a confusionist. Some behavior stems from family manners. How does she behave when with husband? MCP is the mighty party not aligned to any royal family save its founding father HE. Ngwanzi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda. You politically sink yourself if you want to destroy MCP. Ask Ken Kandodo, Ulemu Chilapondwa, Wakuda Kamanga, Sosten Gwengwe……the list you can continue but not exhaust.

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  8. Ndi mp wakwathu kwa mpanje koma usalore zopusa za chakwerazo ayi

  9. Ameneyo Ndiye Kabwira Amayabwa Anga Chitedze, Remember When She Was At Chanco College, She Fought About Academic Freedom, She Iz Awoman Like Deborah In The Bible, Jessie Teach Them de Modern Tactics Of Politics, Osat Za Ma 20th Century Kakaka iiiiih Leroo.

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  11. Kabwila wanted formal invitation? So she doesn’t know that we are living in a technological world, asanayambe Wu MP, I wonder if invited to attend an interview then via phone ngati samkapita?! Mwina amkadikira kalata kapena email, MCP just get rid of this woman akusokoneza chipani, Dr Kabwila aiwala kuti anthu apakati timavotela chipani osati munthu,

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