30 Malawians arrested in TZ for illegal stay


At least 30 Malawians are in police custody in neighbouring Tanzania for entering and staying in the foreign country without proper documents.

According to a reliable source close to Malawi24, the 30 Malawians got arrested on Monday November 14.

Tanzania Police

Tanzania Police- (Google image)

The source said the Malawians received a call from the Malawi High Commission in Tanzania to meet in order to discuss issues to do with their stay in the country.

But upon arriving at the agreed meeting point, the Malawians were told to board a vehicle though they were not informed of where they were going.

They were however shocked when they later arrived at the country’s immigration offices where they were told to fill in forms.

In the afternoon of the same Monday, other Malawians in Tanzania heard that the group had been arrested for staying in the country illegally.

The Malawians are now being kept at a police station in Segelea in Tanzania and are expected to appear before court any day from today to answer charges of illegal entry and illegal stay in a country.

Meanwhile, other Malawians are already in jail in the same country after they were found guilty of the same charges and were slapped with six month jail-terms.

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