30 Malawians arrested in TZ for illegal stay

Tanzania Police

At least 30 Malawians are in police custody in neighbouring Tanzania for entering and staying in the foreign country without proper documents.

According to a reliable source close to Malawi24, the 30 Malawians got arrested on Monday November 14.

Tanzania Police
Tanzania Police- (Google image)

The source said the Malawians received a call from the Malawi High Commission in Tanzania to meet in order to discuss issues to do with their stay in the country.

But upon arriving at the agreed meeting point, the Malawians were told to board a vehicle though they were not informed of where they were going.

They were however shocked when they later arrived at the country’s immigration offices where they were told to fill in forms.

In the afternoon of the same Monday, other Malawians in Tanzania heard that the group had been arrested for staying in the country illegally.

The Malawians are now being kept at a police station in Segelea in Tanzania and are expected to appear before court any day from today to answer charges of illegal entry and illegal stay in a country.

Meanwhile, other Malawians are already in jail in the same country after they were found guilty of the same charges and were slapped with six month jail-terms.



  1. ineyo ndikupempha asilikali amalawi atenge boma dpp palibe chimene akuchita zawavuta asiye tikuvutika kuno zikuoneka ngati ndimasewera kuyenda kumusika kuchita mantha asilikali chonde chonde tithandizeni tumizani magalimoto azatitenge kuno azimayi ,ana akusowa pogwira .

  2. Anthu omwe agwidwa kuno ku tz ndi ambiri and it’s about 200 ndipo adakali kugwilabe, koma kunena zoona anthu akuvensa chison chifukwa kulibe kuti ndi wamwana kapena ndioembekezela onse ku ndende.

  3. matchance tz ntopola mangawa anyanja omwe aja koma nde yah kukhala ngati amalima gold bwanji nde kunoso azi thamanga tu mukapanda kwagwila ndinu aboma tiziwa gwila ndife tizi ona kopita nawo ma Tanzania wa

  4. its so Amazing with what happens in Tanzania because even here in Malawi we have Tanzanians too and not only 30 more than 150 people arrested there and I was there day before yesterday they called to attend foreigners meeting upon reaching there all were taken to jail so what kinds of pple are these Tanzania

  5. Please help those are behind bars for nothing Tanzanians shouldn’t treat our brothers n sisters like an animals we are brothers we should eat together, play together, work together n sharing ideas together if there is problems of the lake there is rooms to seat down n talk not troubling others that they even not following the situation of the lake thus a cowardly Mangufuli the double head

  6. In short here in TZ we don’t have High commission of Malawi.”!!
    They gave us papers for staying here yet they are arresting.My pple are suffering in Segereya(prison) while our High commission is staying quiet busy eating Chapati at Mikocheni B.
    What is the duty of The High commission.???

    We have a lot of Tanzanian over doing business yet they stay free.!!!! Nkhondo ikwiza for Tanzanian in Mzuzu KARONGA………

  7. Vuto ndife a Malawi chifundo chomwe timati ndife achifundo chizatipweteka anthu obwera kuno Ali mbweeeeee pali chomwe boma likupanga,a Malawi mosabisa ndife amasiye tilibe atsogoleli

  8. The problem is Malawian leadership and not Tanzania. it is quite sad that people they only know Malawi as a country, and they doesn’t know the president of Malawi he never put his country on the map how long are we going to depend on our neighbours the leader ship of Malawi is the main cause of abuse every where Malawians can go.

  9. Nzomvetsa chisoni kuyamba mawa aziyenda mmakhoma kugwira amalawi ukagwidwa ndalama zomwe ama charger abale ndizambiri kwambiri ena or agwire ntchito chaka cha thuthu sangayipezei ngati alibe six month jail ndizowawa amalawi tithandizane

  10. Nanga inu apolice akuno mutipochiyani? Kuzolowera kugwira amalawi anzanu mukuti akuyenda usiku kuzolowera kuwalanda ma k5000 basi koma umbamva sukuchokabe kayaaaaaa tiyenitiwonepo apaaaa

  11. most of the times a group from TZ to be found here we refer the as tourists since malawias to found there are refered to as refugees is this fear guyz mmmmmmm we malawian noooo lets do somthng

  12. Its not just 30 people arrested its more than 150 people at once so how is going on may the malawi govt help our friends sufferinng here in Tz shame on that

  13. Too bad. How can the Tanzanian government ask poor Malawians to pay a fine of about K100,000.00 to K150,000.00 when they are paid little? How is our government going to help the poor arrested Malawians. Do people without proper documents pay fine?

  14. Ma Tanzanians kuno nde ali phwiii,ngati ali ndi mapepala ndi ndalama koma kumangowayang’ana kwao nkumatithamangisa,Malawi ali ntulobe basi sazadzukanso

  15. Karonga if full of Tazanians doing business there but they have been never asked about proper document papers allowing them to stay here and they walk and stay here like Malawi is their home without papers, we r just brothers

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  17. Tz are not doing gud coz we have lots of their pipo here walk freely and others are prostuting in our own country without document eish

  18. Kodi ma 4lenawa timasungiranji mmalawi muno koma kwao amaticita khaza?Botswana,Nigeria etc kuli fanz yakhaza koma ife timangowayang’ana and mkumati mmm macku oclidza ano anthu analowerera acyeni kkkkkk

  19. Boma lathu ndilo fasa zedi.A ku Tz kuno akumatasa ngati ndikwao,kupanga dominate ngati ali kwawo.Ifeso eni ake kuchitaso mantha.Kodi zinakhala bwanji.They just stay here freely without proper document.Pita ku Tz ukaone zimene akakupange.Our freinds right now are suffering inTz.The government is just staying.kodi bwanji?

  20. Chambwi nokomapurezideti wakwathu akuthandawuzachiyani barozi wakuno paribe chimene akuchita komakuno akukhara chiyani yifeyo ninamusakha kurabadzi wathu chine akupangakuno paribe chirichose akharakuno chikwachanji ndikufunayakho

  21. kodi kuno kumalawi kulibe atanzania? Koma mmmm zochitisa manyazi kwambili kuti nebour azunzike choncho, very very shame tanzania. Tikupempha boma kuti lipangepo kanthu. World is like a village.

  22. Brave police of TZ they know to distinguish their citizens from foreigners besides colour skin, this is just a wake up call to the MW/ gov that national identities are needed very much to avoid such things.

    1. Mr Mkomboni don’t show me your stupidity you would have understood my opinion,iam not happy at all to see a neighboring country behaving in such a way, don’t we have such a law here in Malawi, your brain is very shallower to see what is going on, Malawi is being attacked by its neighbors in all angles you will see if TZ keep quite Mozambique will come on then Zambia

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  24. We have alot of Tanzanias doing bussines here in MW, and some of them are even working here, we are keeping them here though they don’t have proper documents, but we can’t ask them, we have too much respect in foreigners, but they disrespect us whenever we go to their countries. Last time malawian were also beaten there, can’t we revenge this? We are not fools!

  25. To be honest, Zambians have never experienced such a thing in Malawi and I don’t even see it happening unless you are talking about some specific, individual incidents, which can happen anywhere else in the world. Tanzanians have done this to malawians twice now when we have a lot of swahilis walking loose in our cities. I know a lot of Zambians here in malawi and we just live with them like brothers and sisters. I have lots of family members in Zambia too

  26. nanga boma likucitapo can ?io akabwera kuno timawalandira coz ati angaleke kutpatsa ngongole gaz abulund akulemela kudzaleka eniake tkungosauka

  27. Komatu kumalawiko kuli matanzanian ambiri alibe olo ndi passport yomwe,pempho langa ndi lakuti boma likhazikitse njira zamphamvu zothetsera katangale kuti dziko lamalawi litukuke anthu ake aleke kuthawira kwa eni komwe tikuvutika modetsa nkhawa

  28. in all the comments you malawianss sim to sounds as though u ar more peaceful to foreigners which is nt tru. i knw u guys en de tanzanians ar better dan u. remember u mingle free en even marry our sisters in zambia but in yr country u treat us lik thieves u shud change

    1. There’s no truth here bro. This is a foulplay game. Malawians never treat Tanzanians that way. They have done it to us twice now

  29. aliyese amene anakhala,akukhala kudziko laeni amaziwilatu kuti tsiku lina na ngati ndilibe chilolezo zinazake zizachitika pakati pa bomalo ndi iyeyo.tikafika kwaeni tizingokumbuka komwe tachoka kuti zikachitika tikafile pabwino.

    1. ndikutandauza kuti abomawo alibe vuto komaso kupita kwaeni kukafuna sivutoso..chofunika ndikumangilatu madziko kwathu ngati zikuyenda kupangila kuti aboma akazatigwila kubwelela kudziko lathu tisakasowe poyambila sis.

  30. Ukazamuona galu akumathawa pakhomo laambuyake ndikumapita kwaaneba ungoziwiratu kuti ambuyakewo ndioyipa amamuchita nkhaza. Kwanebako ndikommwe amakapezako utendele wezi. NDIKHUMBO LANGA DZIKO LAMALAWI LITANGOTHESEDWA ZAMBIA, MOCAMBQIUE, TANZANIA ALIGAWANE

    1. Amwene apandiye mwandifikapo inendilikuno ku RSA koma ndimangobwelela kuti nanganditani koma ntendele sindimawupeza mawulendoanga onse ndikamapita kumuzi ndimati sindizabwelelasokuno koma kukafika kumpanje sindimatha week kuganiza zomabwelelaso chifukwa zokhoma zomwezili kwathuko

    1. Why do you not control your mouth iwe Sera Sara Amiyenji Malikhebu, za Chamba ndimadana nazo, you want a verbal war with me? Wuyalukapotu apa okay go ahead.

    2. Stupid for what? Its true soka chabe ku tz timapita opanda passport iwe sara dnt call men who can marry and giv you babies stupid wamva???

    3. Bwana Austin Kumwenda it seems Sara Amiyenji Malikhebu sanapiteko ku Tanzania that’s why she call me imbecile, but kwa anthu amend timapita ku Tanzania its not common kwa anthu aku Malawi kugwidwa or deported from Tanzania, that’s why I said amenewo angokumana chabe ndi tsoka, eti mkaziyu kumapanga ka comment kake kakuthakoka, usamaleretu iwe Sara tikhonzatu kukuyalutsa and you can ultimately hate me. Be careful with these social medias osamangoyankhula ngati kuti mwina ukufuna kuberereka, dont be sonorous Sara.

  31. Jst send them back home any country iz host pple frm other countries wthout the so called proper documents but Malawians ar the first victims wen it comes to thz situation.God bless malawi

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