9 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:05 PM

Malawian nabbed in SA for buying birth certificate

A Malawian has been arrested in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa for buying a birth certificate from a public officer.

A local newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Malawian, who was not identified, bought a birth certificate containing details of a South African from a Home Affairs clerk at R1500 (K75000.00) after being told that he will be able to apply and get a South African ID in an easy way.

The Malawian was told that could get an identity document for R3500 (K175000.00).

South Africa PoliceWhen the Malawian used the birth certificate to apply for a South African ID, a public officer processing the document noticed that the photos on the birth certificate showed another person and not the Malawian.

It was later revealed that the South African who is the owner of the certificate had simultaneously applied for a late registration birth certificate and had already been interviewed and had his certificate granted. But the corrupt clerk just printed the document and allegedly sold it to the Malawian.

After noticing this incident, the Police were called in and arrested the man on the spot while the South African was arrested at his home.

The two have since been formally charged with fraud and contravention of the Immigration Act.

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