Malawians told to accept abortion law


As some women and young women continue to die due to unsafe abortion, rights activists have urged people in the country to accept the safe abortion laws.

This is coming at a time when human rights activists have been lobbying for the introduction of abortion laws saying they will save lives of women and girls.

Emma Kaliya

Kaliya: The law is overdue.

Speaking on the issue, NGO Gender Coordination Network Executive Director Emma Kaliya said there is a need to welcome the law in order to save lives of young women and married women who die due to unsafe abortion.

“There is need for Malawians to embrace the law so that women and girls receive safe abortion services,” said Kaliya.

She added that women continue to die due to unsafe abortions which is a big problem for Malawi as these deaths would have been prevented if the abortion law was already in force.

Members of Parliament are expected to discuss the abortion law during the next sitting of Parliament.

Meanwhile, some religious leaders have continued to say no to the bill saying abortion is evil as life begins at conception hence terminating pregnancy is the same as murder which is against the word of God.

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