Inkosi M’mbelwa ban on miniskirts and table cuts shocks subjects


Days after Mzimba Ngoni Chief Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V instituted a ban on wearing miniskirts and immoral haircuts, his subjects have expressed dismay at the decision.

Recently, the 32 year-old chief launched bylaws which restrict the Ngonis of Edingeni in Mzimba from indulging themselves in immoral behaviour.

A pamphlet made available to this publication indicates that women are not allowed to put on trousers and miniskirts.

As for men, they are not allowed to shave their hair in fashionable haircuts including Mohawk, English cut, and table cut.

Miniskirts: Banned!! (Google images)

Failure to follow the order is punishable by the bylaws and offenders risks paying goats and cows to the king, according to the document.

But in interviews with this publication at Edingeni trading centre on Sunday, most residents described the ban as old-fashioned and a violation of people’s rights.

One of the residents said he expected the youthful king to respect the rights of his subjects in this democratic era.

“It’s very unfair to be dictating us on how and what to wear. This system is very unreasonable and unjustifiable, we expected him to respect our human rights,” he said.

Some of the subjects Malawi24 spoke with vowed to never respect the new bylaws.

However, speaking during the launch of the bylaws, Inkosi M’mbelwa, maintained that the move was set up as one way of restoring order and moral values among his subjects.

“It is not allowed for my subjects to be riding bicycles when passing through my house. They may be punished for that,” he said.



  1. Usange munthu waluta kukawa wona a inkosi. Walondezgenge kwe na umo nkhumanyila malango yakupangika ku pariament and all Malawians will follow. This is democracy. On dressing code. Wapapi wonani kuti ka wana winu wakuvwala mwaulemu? Kwe pala wakuti a fumu wakanizgo mmmmm yikukola iyo yayi . Yingakola awo wakuluta kunyumba kwawo.

  2. Guys tikapanda kusamala tizayakha mulandu musaganize kuti mfumu yi yakalamba bt chilipo yawona mwina yesu mpulumusi wazera mwa iyo kuti itilangize even de bible it says abt dat owelenga khala m’maso

  3. The inkosi shld actually b saluted frst as i go on saying that there z nt evn one who cant feel annointed seeing his/her mam in mn nt evn one..our country well knon at copying wats its new,, yeah ts good bt we shld follow the right path,,,,I kno some claim to muv wth the global wthout consideration of that power that makes dat pattern to muv wth them.,,,,Inkosi you dont own a blame on that,, peace b wth u! AMEN

  4. That is not even traditional, mesa the ngoni gals traditional walk breasts out very short skirts, ayambe abwera kuno ku jozi kwa abale ake asinthe zimenezo, nde azilankhula zakezo bwino

  5. Some are saying evil things makes us grow the economy, how many are you enjoying the economy of malawi?? corruption is worsing noone is wiling to standup so why should we toralate evil?

  6. Many coackroches will oppose but if we’re god fearing nation then its percfect decision. Why should we encourage min skirts showing , who are we trying to impress especiary imwe mwaba lebi?

  7. Bible Imati Mkazi Asawonetse Mabondo Akamvala Chovala Chake Ndipo Kuminula Ndimulandu Pamaso Pa Mulungu Coz Michira Ya Amunafe Imativuta Mapeto Ake Onse Amagwa Mumachimo.Tileke Kuminula Apo Biii Tidzayakha

  8. Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear GOD and keep HIS commandiments, for this is the whole duty of man. For GOD will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. {Ecclesiastes 12 vs 13-14}

  9. Yaaaaa, thats good idea to restore the diginity of our tradition, this also good to have the restore of respect to our elderly pple. But my urge is asking the king to restore all traditional culture dances across the country as it was on the regime of Dr kamuzu Banda whereby every culture has to be perform .

  10. Only if yu know that the chief has banned the miniskirts in mzimba and not the Malawi, most of u would not have had that to write here, he is trying to preserve his tribe, waletsa Ku mzimba and not nsanje, machinga wherever, think b4 u talk

  11. Yesu anachita kufa pamtanda chifukwa cha zomwezi kut yense okhulupirira akapulumuke koma pano mpamene zanyanya taiwala kut wasala mkamphindi kubwera aliyense azayankha mlandu wake vuto satana akupangisa dzinthu zoipa kukhala ngati nzabwino apa mukhoza muoneka ngati mulibe nzeru why dziko lagona mwa oipayo chanzeru sichingamveke

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  13. I think he got nothing to do,,,,,how is it his buzness? Is he 1 buying those trousers or min skirts? Osamangilimbana ndi kupanga chitukuko bwanji? Za ziiiii Bingu anayankhula zimenezo but it went in vain who is he to tell people what to wear or how to cut their hair? Ufulu uja mukufuna kutilandaso #agalatiya



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  15. Mfumu yanena zoona chifkwa tkamulekelera satana ndi maufulu akewo asocheresa ana ambiri,ndipo ana amasiku ano sakuziwa ngodya zinai za ziko la malawi(umozi,kumvera,kukhulupirika ndi kusunga mwambo)

  16. hahahahaha it has nothing to do with Christians …freedom of dressing came long tym ago….a chief cant impose such rules because his wife dresses long stuff….uhule ndi ma mini sizikugwilizana coz …

  17. ndiye muwauzetu kuti adziyenda mabere pamtunda monga mwa chikhalidwe becoz muwalowetsa chisilamu anthuwa m’malo mopanga zachikhalidwe chanu, ndikale lonse Ngoni sanavalepo zazitali.

  18. Chief! Its Too Late 4u To Say This!
    Bachewa Anakamba Ati Chigololo Ndimwini Tako! Or Mucite Bwanji Bwanji U Cant Win This War! Kalidwe Yoipa Sipezeka Mu Dresng But Mu Mind Ya Muntu. Mwadula Nsonga Ya Mtengo Pa First THESANI FREEDOM OF DRESSING!

  19. Edward what you call yourself God will punish for saying stupid to our inkosi second thing I think we sosi months wanders zake angamalimbikise mavalidwe amamini iwendiwedi mwana.wa hule

  20. Attention

    All women Police Officers and all women members of the Malawi Defence Force are no longer allowed to wear trousers to work, even though they have been supplied by the Malawi Government to make easier for movement and to provide protection while proforming your duties in Mzimba,

    All skirts should be hemmed below the knee, as we all know if hemmed above the knee it is considered a mini skirt. Keep those knees hidden for fear of arousing the male population,

    It is acceptable for the Malawi Queens netball team to wear short sports attire during the course of their competion because as you know they are the 3rd best in the world.

    Shame on this Chief to demand such respect without first assisting his people.

    Time these Chiefs had a term limit, away with the monarchy

  21. Bible silinanamepo tasala pang’ono kwambiri kufanana ndi S,A m’chikhalidwe pakalipano, Ulosi ukukwanilisidwa Chifukwadi azimayi zimene akuvala pakalipano nzosonyeza zamkati zonse m’mene alili attraction kwa azimuna. Zizafika ntawi azimuna azasiya kufunsira koma azimayi azafunsila azimuna, Tili m’masiku omaliza Pano, Simungalese zinaloseledwa kale izizi ziyenera zikwanilisidwe basi#

  22. He is talking about respecting ngoni culture but himself can’t speak nice ngon ,don’t bring your silly laws to our communities, why can’t bring a law to stop polygamy bcoz our population is growing too quickly bcoz of this polygamy

  23. Stupid,primitive idea. They are not your family children.Tell the president,there are no Drugs at Mzimba hospital.Blackouts , children are dying at mzimba hospital. These are the issues to address.Kulimbana ndi za ziii.Mukuwaphanyira ufulu wovala zakukhosi kwawo.They are not your children.

    1. Ase, bweza mau. Watukwana! Kod inkos ndi stupid? Immoral dressing is one of the problem Malaw is facing. While others are fighting blackouts and shortage of medicine, he has decided to fight immorality.

    2. Ase, bweza mau. Watukwana! Kod inkos ndi stupid? Immoral dressing is one of the problem Malaw is facing. While others are fighting blackouts and shortage of medicine, he has decided to fight immorality.

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  27. Yeah good makhosi a Mzimba munthu azivala mozilemekeza chifukwa a nthu ambiri akuchimwa chifukwa cha mavalidwe.Mamini awa awonjeza kwambiri mwachitabwino makhosi akapezeka wovara chochi azipereka ng’ombe asa.Munthu kupita ku church wavara mini mayesero kwabusa awa sinthani ndithu.Zometa izi magayi zithe metani bwino ngati zinka yantendere.

  28. Good law, ladies must not wear trousers, miniskirt and short silit skirt. And riding bicycle around the chiefs welfare, is not right

  29. Where is this young man taking all these nosence. He can’t even ask the government to fix the road to his own home. Mzimba is not developing because of his grand father and his father ideas and now he comes with so called minskert .

  30. Zikomo anfum pitilizani kukakamoza ntundu waasikana ndi azimayi amene amavala mominula ndikutchalitchi komwe kupanda nkhalidweko amafuna kuti awaone ndani zikunyasa ziboda kunja ngati ngati abokho shit women’s

  31. Dressing is very important and it tells the behaviour of aperson. If one dresses in miniskirt it reveals what she does.Well behaving girl |woman can’t put on mini because private parts are seen and therefore no respect to such people.

  32. komadi choona ndichowawa mutima mukaza satana lokowina akuongolele umakana bolanso azikazi athu achi slam wa amayesela kuvalakobwino kulekana ndikanyenya osavindikilayo

  33. Tisamayiwale chikhalidwe ayi,tivale mozilemekeza azimayi komanso anyamata kumeta kwinaku kumaopsa olo ganyu olima sindingawapase ayi.Bravo Chief..we the ngonis not mzimba american or malawi american


  35. zosaveka ndipo nthawi yatsamunda idadutsa zinthu sizdzabweraso tikupita chitsogolo phuzitsa ana anu iwowo adzaphuzitseso awo ife takana ife ng,ombe zoti wina atilipsa palipose never mwina ambwenumbwenuwo sizitheka amwene

  36. Just remember Chief: At First we were necked but we got no shameful at all, So things changed when the devil came & cheat us, So, God now arough us to cover our neckedness bcz we know now that we are nothing if we don’t wear anything so let them wear what they want these beautiful Malawians without any complains.

  37. mukulemba ma Coment opusa odzibakira anthu osaganiza bwinnu, mukuti kumeta kwamakono ngakhale mavalidwe shem. afuseni makolo anuwo kt amavala bwanji nthawi yawo poti mdyelekezi wakuphimbani maso. Nkosi should never backslide on the point and its gud and constructive

    1. kakakakaka! Kekekeke! Kikikikiki! Mfumu yachingoni imeneyi? I’m beginning to doubt. Ipite ku Zululand kapena ku Swaziland ikaona kuti azimayi achingoni amangobisa maliseche basi, ntchafu, mchombo ndi ziwalo zina zodolola zimakhala panja. Nde akawone azimai aku Zululand m’mene amavinila ingoma. Amanyamula mwendo category pant ndikuonekela mwinanso kuonetsa category amene. Chikhalidwe akupanga promote iyeyu ndiye chiti? Ine ndimadziwa kuti m’ngoni ku Mzimba ndi Mpherembe basi. In his area even mwana wa zaka four speaks Zulu. And I don’t think angapange malamulo ofoila ngati amenewa.

    2. Wina aliyense ali ndi ufulu wakavalidwe,awo mukuwati kaya amfumu,kaya apulezidenti alibe mphamvu yoletsa ndithu!zakale zinadutsa amene akufuna azingolangiza ana ake basi,osati kumaima pachulu nkumati mwantimwati mapeto ake muwatenga anthu kukhala achipongwe

    3. ukhale nawo ufulu ndipo utsatire nkuwonetsera mosaphanyira anthu enanso ufulu wao ndilo tanthauzo la ufulu. nde wina akuvala ngati njoka ameneyo sakuphwanya ufulu wa ena, nanga President amalamulira banja lake? Mvesani tanthauzo ndi cholinga cha nkhaniyi mbale.

  38. Ndili pambuyopo mfumu musalole Ziwanda Zitigonjetse muyime pa chonadi muwasiye akupendeka ndi mphepo yaziwandawa viva mfumu ya nzelu ngati solomo

  39. phambena wena,nanga iweyo bwanji ukamapangisa msonkhano Atsikana amavina mabere ali panja,? undiyankhe zautsiru basi

  40. Ok nanga kale anthu ankavala vikumba(animal skin) amuna ankayenda mimba panja. Atsikana ankayenda mabele panja. They use to just cover private parts only. But they was no these sexual activites which are happening now. Madress ndimatrousers zinabwela ndazungu. Then lets go back to what are ancestors use to wear ndekesha ndivukumba . Everyone has a freedom of dress. Vuto lachisembwele ndiuhule sidressing but the new world we are living in now. We eat lot of cheese, starch,eggs that are high in busting libido. We watch tv that have sexual contents. They are lot of factors. Azimayi akuhula atavala zitenje ndimarings. The world is coming to the end. If he want us to go back to our basics then no phone, no car, no aeroplane, no electricity, no anything that came with whites. But lets be honest ana amasiku ano akubadwa okongola.

  41. Don’t forget Amfumu; kuti tapatsidwa ufulu kusanka chimene muntu amafuna, amkonda m’ulamuliro wa Democracy So, zokana ma miniskirt or cut style zinapita mu ntawi yacipani cimodzi.

  42. Ubwino Wake Mfumu Ya Angoni Ndi Ya Angoni Ya Asena Ndi Ya Sena Ya Alomwe Ndiyaoso Ameneyo Walesa Angoni Akewo Ife Atipatule Kwa Ife Iyeyo Ndimunthu Ngat Aliyense

  43. sometime i tend to think Islam is true religion when it comes dressing morals. Most Malawians claim that we are a God fearing country but that belief is not translated into action or morals. If I am to be correct, all who are opposing this ban are Christians. I don’t know why we have moved from grace to shame. Muslim girls look beautiful in their long skirts and hijabs yet Christians we love our girls moving around half naked. Lord save us!

    1. Mukunena Zoona Panopa A Christu Afika Povesa Cisoni Kut Akumalowa Mkacisi Kukapemphera Atavala Zoonesa Zamkati Bere Liri Pantunda. Mukanamuziwa Amene Anakulengani Mukaniziremekeza Mavalidwe Anu Pofuna Kumulambira Iye

    2. you can’t say this religion is right because of one thing no. but is right on that aspect. check on other aaspects you’ll see that they are not. prostuting is very high to those you mentioned that there right than those who walk necked 100% sure believe or not Diverson

    3. I dont think now we are taking a good debate on religious. Akazi akuhula atavala vitenje and marriage ring then u blame religious. Uhule wafika pena pake. Leave religious out of this. Mahule mukukhala nawo mumidzi not in mizikiti or church. Ndialongo anu,ana anu not church kapena mzikiti. Charity begins at home.

    4. U have to understand me on the context of dressing. What they do behind the scene is not my problem. Koma if we are to compare between Muslim women and Christian women on the basis of dressing Muslims are much far better than their Christian counterparts.

  44. Who is he to dictate to people how to dress in a democracy? He should concentrating on local development of his areas not becoming a dressing police.

  45. Amfumu tathokoza inu mumakwanila.ife tatopa ndikuona maliseche akazi.nkhaniyi ena akukwiya nayo popeza dziwanda ndiye dzikulamulira matupi awo.pitilizani kuthila nkhondo imeneyi.mkazi kumaenda ntchafu pamtunda ndipo mawere pamtunda atavala kamisolo wasipuling’i.izi ife zimatinyasa ndi utchisi.zimenezi akafuna adzivalira ku bar posatsa malonda awowo.

  46. I wish the wisdom of M’mbelwa trickled to other chiefs as well. The ban on miniskirts is a bad decision to only those who gain favours/needs/wants through the freedom of undressing in public. Ofcourse, I am refering to plenty of seductive women and girls, and every one who regard this rotten and stinking habit as modern ways of covering the bodies of the female beings. Seduction has always worked against the common good, and men are always the victims. It’s sheer psychological torture among men. But the world seems to care less about men.

  47. iwe koma zoona nde monsemuja umagona chani mind you this is democracy ,mwina mungoima nawo pa u presdent ukubwelau kozi apa nde mungozivuta ndi mtima

  48. Nanga mwataniso amfumu yathu Mmbelwa. Simkudziwa kuti kuteroko ndikupondereza anthu? Letsani kuyenda maliseche, munthu “akavala” miniskirts wavala, vuto lanu liri pati? Let our boys and girls live in today’s era. Actually this ban sounds funny

    1. Bayetyeeee Nkosi.Pali Mamin Ena Ukaona Eeeeeesh! Mayimayimayi!.Komaso Zimatengela Ndi Kumeneuli,kuli Zochitikazotani,osati Penapaliponse.Kumetanako Yayi Mutu Wankhoto Yitali Mbweukumeta Mohawk Kkkkkkkk! Apapa Mwachta Bwino Kulankhulapo.

    2. Nanga kale ankavala vikumba mabele panja mimba panja anatani kuletsa makolo awo akale. Trouser and dress came from western culture. Azimayi apabanja akuhula atavala vitenje na ring. So is he going to stop all this.


  50. Good idea but dont forget that those who you will delt with are sons and daughters wives so if their fathers and husbands are comfortable with them who are you?remember Nkosi this is another world inenso mkazi wanga sangavale min never so just descipline your siblings CHALO CHANUNKHA ICHI ABWANA WANE

  51. Time for this King to build a fence around his home.

    To many other problems to concern himself with haircuts and trousers and requesting people to dismount their bicycle when passing his property.

    Why is not the same request made to those in a vehicle,

    Shame this King is living in the past and not implementing programs for the future to make his kingdom better for all its people,

    This King must be a member of the DPP where it is all about the leader and not about the people which they are supposedly to serve.

    Just a backwards crackpot

  52. Inkosi,mdzika yapa Malawi,awa ndi wanthu olikonda dziko lawo pachikhalodwenso chanthu monga Amalawi,ndipo atapezeka angapo mafumu ulimbikitsa chikhalidwechi dziko lathu lingasangalatse,atsikana kudzanso anyamata khalidwe lanu,mavalidwe anu ndiomwe amaonetsa zamtima wanuwo,mamuna ofuna banja sangatenge mkazi oti akuvala zinthu zoyaluka chifukwa ngati mwazolowera nkhalidweu padzakhala povuta kuti musinthe,and palibe mamuna yemwe angafune nchitidweu ngati alipo amuna ofuna zoterozo dziwani kuti simunafike mukanaseweretsedwabe panthawi yomwe mudzatope ndi khalidwelo mudzakhala kuti mwaguga,fashion yatha banja simunalowe.Amunanso mavalidwe anu ndiomwenso angapatse chidwi akazi omwe ali ofuna banja,chifukwa alipo akazi omwe ali amakhalidwe abwino komano zochita zanu anyamata anzanga ngati mupanga izi zonkhwefulazi ndi zina zomwe mukuona ma video zaku America ayi,simudzampeza namwali wabwinoyo,chifukwa sichonse chonyezimira chimakhala Golide,akazi okongola molapitsa ndi ambiri and mavalidwenso achibwana kwambiri,mitima yawo ili m’malo awo ndi awo,zofuna zawo nzochuluka and saganizanso za tsogolo lawo amaona ngati zomwe akupangazo ndizo za tsogolo ukati uyakhule amakuyankha nakusiya uli kakasi osathanso kuwabwenzera chichewa, so monga Ine Mngoni kuchokeranso kwamfumu yeniyeni yachingoni dzina lake Inkosi Chantulo Chapalamamba,m’bale wake wa Kachindamoto ndili okondwa pa nkhani imeneyi ndipo big up kwa inkosi m’belwa V,ndipo kufuna mkazi wabanja I think ndidzayamba kufufuza kumeneko kaya ngosaphunzira koma khalidwe lake likhale lokoma,lopatsa chimwemwe. Ndakunyadilani mfumu.

  53. kkkkkkk koma constitution ya dziko lino amaidziwa koma a igwe kkkkkkkk we agree in africa .to see a woman putting on a miniskirt we regard that person as immoral .a brother with a mohok u r considered a gangster. but the million dollar question is,is it the responsibility of the inkosi to put a ban on that. wats the punishment wen r found wearing a minis

  54. what a petforgging promagation, we were created defferently. some look snazzly and eye catching wen they put on miniskirts and have their heads tablecut shaved. i totally controvet this shenan_gan in dressing

    1. This is not about religious. Its about culture. But what surprise is kale anthu ankavala vikumba (animal skin) and that was 85% naked. Atsikana mabele paja,anyamata mimba paja. All these fancy clothes zinafika ndiazungu. Even that mini skirt inafika ndiazungu. So u cant adopt a culture and select and mix with religious. Vuto ife maAfricans we have sexualise everything. U wanted democracy, that includes freedom of dressing and freedom of worship. So u cant select as well it comes together. Akazi ena akuhula becoz of 4n then u wil ban all phones. Its not about religious but what u feel comfortable finish and klaar.

  55. Only girls and seductive women are opposing the idea but for me I say that keep it up chief , Ife sima Americans kuti tiziminula moti pamenepo zilibwino koopsa

  56. Thats just wasting of time let’s see how southafricans are wearing.we need developments not like that no sense frm inkosi

  57. useless, he must do that in his own family indeed. ppo hav their own right of dressng in de way they 3ru comfortable. ths right z also available in our constitution. de chief himself shud b on 4front in observng our constitution by introducng very constractv by_laws. in our community.

    1. am nt behind on any group here but my question z, wat z de problem wth de miniskirt dressings? (chimakupweteka ndi chani akavala zotelezi?)

  58. mafumu ngati awa afunika kuwaphunzisa khalidwe chifukwa amayambisa chisokonezo ngati mafumu aku kwama zula uko ongoyambisa mapokoso….iyeyo angokhala fumu kutundu wakwawo ndipo zimenezo akalese apanyumba apake chifukwa kumalawi sitilamulidwa ndimafumu its not a kingdom but republic…palibeso atalandile chilango bwanji osamangomwa bibida monga chikhalidwe chanu kumeneko.musatibowe…chifukwa chake kuNkhata bay sitimafoila ndimafumu ife..fumu imapanga zapanyumba pake osati zamunthu.

    1. chifukwa chake ku nkhata bay sikupezeka akazi anzeru mahule basi coz misanderstand and kupanda khalidwe if u were talkng abt another place i could get u koma zimene akayakhula za kumupheto basi if u dnt understand dnt comment nonsence ku nkhata bay kulibe anthu a nzeru angonyera mu nyanja nothing more atonga no mutu

    2. aliyense wasankho kwaine ndilibe naye problem nayeso ndichikhalidwe chake…ma understanders nonse muli kuma reply uku ndikufunani….ine simaopa otukwana baba…ndipo kulibe mtundu wauhule koma mitundu yonse ndiyauhule…#Jeremia ngati unagwila mtonga osalongosoka iweso ndekuti ndihule kuyambila makolo ako poti amene akuti iwe ndihule amayamba waziwa uhule wagogo ake,amake,atate ake..ndi alongo ake.ndiwe wapachilumba komwe kuliso lake malawi..ponena kuti timanyela madzi i kno karonga imanyelaso madzi koopsa moti zonse wanena apao zomwe umachita kwanuko ndabale anu.

    3. koma mufuse kuti anayambitsa ma min ndani mupeza kuti ndimakolo omwewo pano akuti ayi mesa ndamene anazilandila ife tikungozipitisa patsogolo?#Ngozo ine abro ndimaziwa kuti zonse anayambisa ndiomwe anabadwa kale koma sakaziwa kuti zikathela kuti.atayenda mbulanda yes zosakhala bho koma min i dont see any problem aliyese alichikhalidwe chake chomwe wina amachipanga defile.

    4. Nkhani ndi chikhslidwe. Ngati waletsa kuvala zazifupi imeneyo ndi mfumu yachikondi komanso mfumu imeneyi inayenela kulandila ulemu wapadera

    5. chifukwa chake naye fumuyo imakonda zoipa,ndale zili mwaiye,kukhulupilira ziwanda zili mwaiye,chigololo osanena,ufiti komaso nawe #Emmanuel uleso mugulu lomwelo chenjelani muzafa ifa yowawa.

    6. #Siju kkkkkk koma nde apo wapezadi pomwe palivuto kuti ayankhuledi zimenezo…azivala matrauzatu ajean asanayaluke atsina ali hot saliso mocheza olo akhale fumu.

    7. #standchavula…ndikugwilizana nawe fumuyo yongofuna kubwelesa mapokoso..kodi ikundiuza kuti yabadwa zulo kapena lelo kuti tym yoseyi sikaziwa kapena kuona?

    8. Umboli mafumu enewa, Moyo wachisamunda si ukuwachoka pathupi pawo. Anangozolowela za Malawi Congress Party MCP basi. Iye akufuna asikana azivala ngati magogo? Ngati ma girls anamufulacha kwinako asova yekha.

    9. Ansa! Igwe yopusa kwambiri. Angofuna kundikwiyisa basi. Ine ndimaganiza ndimva za nzelu kuchokela kwa Igwe Mumbelwa, koma akungolankhula zake zachisamunda. Nthawi dzina ufumu kumapasaku ana osati nkhalamba ngati izi, Zimangobwelesa chisokonezo basi. Moyo wa MCP unatha kalekale oti Kokoliliko kwacha.

    10. Satana njerekejezi (Lucifer, devo) zinthu zoipa wazikongoletsa ndipo zikumathwanima ndikumawapha anthu maso ndipo akumaoneka ngati akuona koma asakuona. “MUNTHAWI YA KUSADZIWA YEHOVA MULUNGU MWINI CHILENGEDWE ANALEKERERA”. Fuso ndi lakuti , kodi munthawi yomwe tikudziwa chabwino ndi choipa koma tikutsata kuchita chosalungamacho Mulungu alekeleraso?

    11. #chikapa uyenela kuziyankha pamenepo coz iweyo ukuziwa ukupangilanji zomwe unkapanga patym yako yakusaziwa?Mulungu alibe chikhalidwe koma mtima wamunthu ndipo kumvala kwaiye kulibe tchito poti amaona mtima ndithu.fumuyo ndiyachigogo nde isapusise anthu ndithu.

    12. kkkkkkk #Winfred azuke kutulo ndithu fumuyo uhule unamupweteka nde akaona kuti wakalamba zamupeza atakula ndesanje zamupweteka…this is our tym…his tym was gone.

    13. kodi #Lucia ukundiuza kuti kupanga zaufumu zachikristu…ngati Yesu anathwa kumvekedwa ufumu iwowo ukundiuza akupanga zabible…ndipo bible limanena mastyle akavalidwe..ndiuze ngati zilichocho…fundo siya Bible koma fumuyo njofoyila simaziwa tym yomwe ili…anayambisa ndani kumvala kotelo mesa iwowo achikulile ife tingolandila.apange zazizukulu zake osati za azizukulu anyumba ina.ngati iye ndiwadovu akaona tchafu zatsikana azibisala munyumba.mafumu ogwilira otelo kungoona min amakhala kuti amuvula mwana waeni.zautsilu basi.

  59. Fine And Good,he Is Really Alocal Leader Who Promote The Culture Of The Country.Amene Akutsutsa Apite Ku America Akakhale Komko Adzikachita Zopusazo.

    1. kodi culture yathu ndiiti. mesa makolo athu ankavala zikopa zanyama? nanga inu makosana zimene mavalazo ndiza chi frica. chikalidwe chinapita zimenezo tivomereze. we are living in a global village right now.

    1. No man kachali its not abt old school. We don’t hav to copy Western culture. Wearing miniskirt an dem hair style it really shows how stupid we are. We are living in Africa the home land of black people so we must practice our culture and be proud it..

  60. wayankhula za mzeru mtumbukayu guyz Koma panjinga pokhapo mmm ayisovenge ndipo chakuti chake iye ndi Yawe?????

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