Low turnout at Admarc depots amid concerns over price


Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation Malawi (Admarc) has admitted that there has been low demand for its maize over the past week.

Chief Executive Officer for Admarc Foster Mulumbe said few people have bought maize from its selling points since the corporation opened the depots a week ago.

This comes amid concerns over the price of maize per kilogram which, at K250, has been described by some quarters as prohibitive.

Malawians not going to Admarcs

But Mulumbe said despite the outcry over prices and the low turnout, the selling of maize is going on very well.

”We are happy that the process has started well though some quarters say the price is high but we say all is well,” said Mulumbe.

He claimed that low demand during the first week was expected and he expressed hope that more people will buy maize in the coming weeks

Mulumbe said the low turnout is also because vendors are now scared to buy maize from Admarc and only targeted people are buying the maize.

He added that the corporation is expecting more sales in the southern region because it is where many Malawians have been affected by food shortage.

Admarc is selling the maize at K250 per Kg price following a directive from President Peter Mutharika that the corporation should sell the grain at the same price it was buying and not K312 per Kg as initially planned.

Mutharika made the directive to ensure that many Malawians are be able to buy the maize. But the move has come at a cost to taxpayers as government is giving Admarc K62 per Kg so that the corporation should not make a loss.

Nonetheless, opposition politicians have called on the corporation to lower the price saying many Malawians cannot afford to buy maize at the current price.



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  3. Vanders can not scare to buy maize at admarc bt the issue is about ur price.vander is salling at 240/kg hw he buy admarc maize at that price?love ur pipo think of the poor make good price

  4. Low turn-out…?? Ma voti,vichi? Anyway the price is a bit prohibitive to the majority of the population,but we should also not forget that farming is also a very costly industry

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  6. anthu alibe ndalama zogulira chakudya pamtengo okwera komaso abwana adalamula kuti tizidya zitete,ziwala ndi mbewa,kaya mphanvu tizitenga kuti zokumbira mbewazo ndinjara?

  7. Ukakhuta mgaiwa ogairidwa ndi boma umati the price is fair just imagine ngat mumakaona makolo anu kumudzi kwanu mmene akutuwira ndi juice kusungunula mix ndi mango muzilankhula bwino ifenso ndi a malawi mzikanso zenizeni

  8. koma nde boma likuremelerapo pankhani yanjali muziko muno,so many donors from far away countries are donating their money in this country in the name of ending hunger.why do the minstry of agriculture raise the price to k250/kg as if they used their own country money to buy maize,if so they(other countries) have arleady paid back the money which they used cause we have been hearing such such acountry has gven malawi milions us dollars to be used to buy maize.today if not yestarday vilginia pulmer has also prounance acertain amount of money which their country have given us.where do all these monies go?do they go in torn pockets?

  9. This is not prime time for maize demand. Our prime time is December to March. Critical months being January and February. So don’t misinterpret the lower turnout. The price is fair considering the buying price of the same. People were buying maize in 2013-2014 season at K15,000.

  10. Don’t say becoz of prize! admarc purchased @ k250 4rm z same hunger stricken pple that r now complaining to buy @ k250. is there any sense? z problem is dat we r burdened with HANDOUTS chokacho basi

    1. Maize production is subsidized and consumption is subsidized as well. So what’s the point of subsidizing production in the first place? Can’t have both – really.

  11. maulosi akukwanilisidwa koma zimandimvesa chisoni kuti maulosi omwe akukwanilisidwila kudziko lathu lokongolalo ngoti ena opeweka ndithu….wina polamula apweteka omulamulila…ena mamillions akusewelesa mdziko momwemo pomwe ena akulephera kupita kamba kosowa ndalama yokagula 10kg

  12. Please pray that the vendors will continue to sell their maize below admarc’s price and WFP continues to assist those in dire need.

    Millions of dollars has been donated to Malawi to buy maize now the government which has not spent any money and now the government wishes to sell the maize at the same price the maize was purchased,

    No loss to the government

    This is the peoples monies the donations were made to assist Malawian citizens not a corrupt government,

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