Malawi’s highest paid footballer revealed


earns K400 000 a month…

If you are a follower of English football, then you have an idea of what Manchester United’ Paul Pogba is earning per week or how much is Alex Sanchez earning at Arsenal but you just do not know the highest paid player in Malawi.

Questions have been asked by soccer lovers in the country as to how much are our local players from the elite league earns per month.

Well, a wage bill document from Be Forward Wanderers was leaked in the social media on Sunday afternoon.

Wadabwa Peter

Wadawa: Malawi’s highest player.

From the figures that Malawi24 saw, Peter Wadabwa is the highest paid player in the elite league, with Jabulani Linje and Joseph Kamwendo coming second and third respectively. The duo are at K230 000 and K220 000 a month respectively.

According to what we have sourced, Wanderers wage bill is the highest in the top flight seconded by cross town rivals Big Bullets FC.

In the month of September, Wanderers used K4, 275, 000.00 in players upkeep allowances, with more than K1, 135, 000.00 being used in players’ rent.

The lowest earner in the team is Peter Gatoma who, on average, earns K30 000 per month.

Nigeria’s Amos Bello, Harry Nyirenda and team captain Francis Mulimbika are fourth, fifth and sixth respectively as they are earning K200 000 per month but the former is currently negotiating with Wanderers over an improved contract but Genk Nakamura’s package is not indicated on the list as he is paid directly by sponsors Be Forward from Japan.

In the technical panel, Jack Chamangwana is the highest as he is pocketing K300 000 despite being inactively involved at Wanderers, with team manager Steve Madeira pocketing K140 000 a month.

There you go, Wanderers are paying their players good despite struggling in the top flight.

Only time will tell as to when the team will start delivering in the top flight but when it comes to the players welfare, they are the best.



  1. What a joke R8000.00 per month? Then you expect quality of football to improve in Malawi, while other players earn €400,000, per month.

  2. Kkkkk nchifukwa chake akutchona Ku SA ,, nanga player kumalandila R8000 pamwezi ndalama yomweyo akulandila ogulisa mu kantini pompa pa jonz pa kkkkkk,,, Malawi sazathekaso

  3. Iiiiiiiiiiih komatu zitsanzo zina kumaziona kaye,chifukwatu apa nde sikugwilizana or half, how can u compare english football to our manyaka football??? tikungoyenera kumaziwa za Sanchez chifukwa nzopereka chidwi than our shit

  4. malawi 24 news amasowa zolemba akakhuta mmemo wakuvepi cos kwathu kuno sitingapange compare ndima dollars coz 400,000grand pamwez kunoku ndiyokwana mbwerera zanuzo ife tatopa nazo ok

  5. Hahahahaha in Malawi football is not something to invest in…and if you compare with English fooball its totaly complicated coz if paul Pogba is earning £290,000 per week thus K254,468,475. Malawi is very poor in everything so its enough pa level yathu

  6. is it on the paper or akulandiradi coz mesa tikumva kut kwavuta kumeneku kut maplayer sakulandira ndie ndalama zake mukunena zit?

  7. Instead of revealing to us the name of the player u r hiding what a fuck, inaddition to that there z a mighty beforward wanderers photo, what does that mean critically? Malawi 24 u ‘ve to be specific! !!!!!!!!!

  8. That’s a complete joke . It’s less than R10,000 which is a players’ allowance for every game in lower league called mvera . Stop lying to us .

  9. Umburi ndi matenda oopsa, that amount is worthy to him and dont compare kwacha to rand or dollar even pound, how can someone earn rands or dollars yet is working in malawi, 400 grand ndiyambiri and witth our country and economy football is a good investment,

  10. mmmmmh mpaka 400 pin? i don’t know kuti mu boma munthu olandila dollar yonseyo ingakhale grade yanji kaya ,,nde muzikanika kuwina chonchi ? mumanditengamo bwanji,,aaaaaagh

  11. Comparing to the Malawian economy and Malawian players 400,000 seem to be enough for them, nanga ndalama yake yokhalira kumwera bibidayo? Komanso you should look at their standards, sizampila izi koma phada weniweni. You can see a Malawian player playing 7 games without scoring any goal, siphada ameneyo???

  12. Most players in developed countries are paid by gamblers, rich people and rich football gamblers. Here in Malawi football players are paid from begging money and gate collection money. In England as per say, each team has more that 100 rich gamblers these people sit behind doors and they can do anything as far as their instrument(player) is able to perform wonders in the pitch. So yah our Malawian players get less money per month indeed but we can blame nobody its our poor systems that rules the game.

    • Bambo point of corrections players are not paid by gamblers.Clubs like Man utd,liverpool are companies on stock exchange they are run like big companies.Players are on contracts.they are paid according to thier value.

    • Who is behind those stock exchange? You only follow fixtures bro. In Malawi we also have big companies why aren’t they pour their cash into football here locally.

  13. kkkkkkkkkkk akufanana ndi amalawi omwe amapita dziko lija la south africa kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ochuluka salary yao ku malawiko akaisintha imakhala imeneyo pa mwenzi kkkkkkkkkkk

  14. ngati zichoncho eya,koma ku malawi kulibe player okankha chikopa moposa zake kwambri onse amafunika azirandira mosasiyana ndi 20000 ndi bodza kumangalande komweko basi mmene amakhumudwitsira ma playa akumalawi ubetsa

  15. they are not professional footballers like the above mentioned!!!! mbwelera zomwe amasewera amalawizo… ku malawi mpira is not a good investment as it doesn’t generate enough income for these players to be rich… its not about the country being.. look at chipolopolo, one african cup win and they became rich.. if footballers want to earn more, then they should focus on winning cups and leagues!!! osamangoluza ayi.

  16. Save your time, Its Peter Wadabwa earning k400,000 per month followed by Jabulani Linje and Josephy Kamwendo earning k230,000 and k220,000 respectively…Thanks you.

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