Police raid Ndirande robbers’ house

KCN Demos

Police in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre have arrested four men suspected to have been keeping stolen goods at Ndirande Township in the city.

The four, Andrew Matu, 23, Yohane John, 33, Alex James, 34, and Mahara Samara, 22, are reported to have been keeping property stolen from residents in the township.

Confirming to Malawi24, Blantyre police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said the police received a tip from well-wishers about the four who had a house where they kept stolen goods.

KCN Demos
Police: Very alert . (Library Image)

“Our team from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) managed to raid the house and found property suspected to have been stolen within the area,” said Divala.

She added that the police have since recovered two television screens, five blankets, six laptop bags, food warmer containers, and four mobile phones.

The four are yet to appear in court to answer charges of being found in possession of stolen goods contrary to section 909 of Malawi’s penal.

James comes from Mpunga village, Tradition Authority (TA) Kadewere in Chiradzulu district while Matu hails from Mkate village, TA Mulumbe in Zomba district. John and Samara are from Nanguni village, TA Machinjiri in Blantyre.



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  2. good move: yes, even after sharing the spoils there should be time to go back to the drawing board for serious business. Criminals are just a menace to a lively civilised society. Down with them!!!!!!!

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  6. Woooh my home vg.Deal with them accordingly.We dislike such kind of pipo to stay in our beutiful city.Churches are laid all the corners of Ndirande before entering into the city to preach and teach everyone.So why them? Truely they are not true vetirans of Ndix..

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