All set for 2016 Tumaini annual festival

Wokomaatani Malunga

Organisers of Tumaini Festival have said that all preparations for the annual event are set and the festival will take place on 5th November at Dzaleka Refugee camp in Dowa district.

According to one the organisers Menes La Plume who is a Congolese, the aim of the annual event is to bring together the refugees at Dzaleka refugee camp and Malawians living around the camp.

“The aim of this event is to promote peaceful coexistence between refugees and host communities living around Dzaleka area,” said La Plume.

“This festival is also aimed at promoting intellectual harmony and boosting economy of people living at this refugee’s refuge area,” he added.

Robert Chiwamba
Chiwamba will be performing at the festival.

The event is organised annually by a non-governmental organisation called Tumaini Letu formerly known as Dzaleka Cultural Association which was founded and is currently directed by La Plume.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Peace and Hope”. Tumaini is a Swahili word which means hope.

La Plume said that they want to share hope and give a smile to refugees and share peace with everyone living in Malawi.

“I can say we are all one, one Africa, one world, let’s work together and celebrate humanity,” said La Plume.

In an interview, poet Robert Chiwamba confirmed his presence at the festival.

According to Chiwamba, the festival will allow artists to unite refugees at Dzaleka camp and communities around the camp.

“Importantly, it is a festival that teaches us that art has the power of uniting and teaching people of unity regardless of status,” Chiwamba said.

“The poems I will recite will dwell more on love and unity and that we are one regardless of status, race and other differences,” Chiwamba added.

Activities on the day of the festival will include performances such as music, theatre, poetry, acrobats, traditional dances, traditional food, arts exhibition and children play area.

Chimz Kelly from Zambia, Mwanache and Tigris from Malawi and Poets such as Robert Chiwamba and Q Malewezi are some of the artists expected to perform at the event.



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