18 October 2016 Last updated at: 1:51 PM

Man attempts suicide after young girl spurns him

A freezes seller in Dedza district has been arrested for attempting suicide after a daughter of his boss gave a quick rebuff to his proposal.

Deputy Spokesperson for Dedza police constable Manda confirmed the incident .

Manda identified the suspect as Victor Peter of Chisa village in the Area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza.

Victor Peter

Victor Peter : Wanted to die.

According to Manda, on Friday Victor’s boss left home to attend a funeral ceremony and the suspect found an advantage to propose to his daughter. But the standard eight learner denied his proposal .

On Sunday around 1500 hours victor reminded the girl of his proposal and threatened to commit suicide if she continued denying his advances.

When he noted that the girl persisted with her stand and again gave him a quick rebuff he decided to commit suicide. He left aside a suicide note and hanged himself .

“The boss’ elder daughter noted unusual sound inside of Victor’s room, she therefore decided to see what was going on and only found that he had hanged himself and was battling for life,” said Manda.

The man was taken to Dedza hospital where he received medication.

Meanwhile, Victor has been discharged from the hospital and he is in police custody waiting to answer the charge of attempting suicide contrary to section 229 of penal code.

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